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Pinkel pleads guilty to DWI misdemeanor

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- University of Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel pleaded guilty Friday to charges of driving while intoxicated.

Since this is a first offense, the charge is a Class B misdemeanor. Pinkel will likely receive a 30-day suspended sentence and two years unsupervised probation. He is due back in court for formal sentencing Dec. 13.

Duke Defeats Auburn 73-50 in Midday Clash

Pictured above:  Kathleen Scheer in action from today's game vs Auburn.
Photo by Jon Gardiner

The Green Gazette - Page 3


The Sophie Diaries  - A fictional story
By Emma Engelbrecht

Dear Diary,

Upwards basketball finish evalutaions -- Not too late to still sign up

Upward Sports is the world's largest Christian sports league for children that provide a fun kids sports experience based on healthy competition.

Last night at the Family Life Center at Memorial Baptist Church evaluations were held for this year’s Upward Basketball program.