Archive - Nov 25, 2011


MODOT says bridge projects ahead of schedule

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- It looks like MoDOT’s campaign to fix 802 of the state’s worst bridges is going to come to an end early.

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith told the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight tha the department’s Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Project was running ahead of schedule, and all of the plan’s projects will be complete in about three and a half years.

Breakdown of Upcoming Mont. Co Tournament -- Team by Team Analysis

Monday will be the start of high school basketball and first round play of the 40th Annual Montgomery County Basketball Tournament.  The tournament began in 1971, 2006 was the first time the tournament had ever been cancelled due to weather, and Mont. Co and New Haven are tied for the most tournament wins with seven.

Black Friday Excitement

Washington, Mo - In case you missed out on the maddness this morning here is the view of Wal-Mart's parking lot at 1 a.m.  Only one hour in, of the biggest shopping day of the year.

The shopping craze began at midnight for Wal-mart shoppers.  As we were leaving Washington, people were beginning to line up in front of JCPennys.