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A blazing display of fire and ice -- Fire Fest 2011

10 year old Hermann boy gets 11-point buck on Berger-area farm today

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Going on right NOW - Fire Fest 2011!

Photos by Kyle Quick

Above: Trebuchet Flaming Pumpkin Chunking

A celebration of the wonder, strength, and beauty of fire

Photos by Kaylin Bade
The 2011 Fire Fest in downtown New Haven is going on strong until 8:00 this evening.  Pictured above is the cannon firing demonstration that took place on the riverfront.  Below is the cannon preparations.


It is getting HOT at Fire Fest 2011 in Downtown New Haven, MO

Her very first buck

Photo by Sarah Bloch

Pictured is Johnna with the four point buck she shot this morning.

Johnna who is nine years old shoot her very first buck this morning with her uncle Tyler.