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Video added of Garret playing piano - New Haven High School Senior of the Week - GARRET HASTY

Story by Kayla Oetterer
Pictured above are Garrett Hasty and the ladies he helps to prepare lunch.

Our senior of the week is Garrett Hasty.

High School Christmas concert

Watch the final song from this evening's Christmas concert at New Haven High School below.

Happy Holidays from MDC‏!

NTSB recommends no cell phones for drivers in wake of Aug., 5, 2010 tragic accident in Gray Summit

Missour New Horizon
-- The National Transportation Safety Board says cell phone usage in moving vehicles is unsafe at any speed.

The board is recommending states ban the use of cell phones and other electronic devices by drivers, except in emergencies.

The ruling comes in the wake of its investigation into an Aug. 5, 2010 crash near Six Flags St. Louis that resulted in the death of a 19 year old driver and a passenger on a school bus. In addition, 35 others were injured in the chain reaction crash.

Postal service declares 5-month moratorium on closure - Prolonging the inevitable

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Thousands of local post offices across the nation have won a temporary reprieve before the may ultimately be forced to close their doors.

Wolfe named new MU president - Live video from Tuesday press conference

Pictured above: New University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe address a crowd of university officials at his announcement ceremony. Wolfe is a graduate of the UM business school with a lengthy career as an information technology executive.