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QuickNewHavenNews expands news coverage - Get all your news in one place

QuickNewHavenNews has signed a long-term contract with Missouri News Horizon to deliver important news from the Missouri State Capital and continue brinning local news you want covered.

No news site in Franklin County delivers daily or real-time breaking news coverage from our state government, until now. 

Video clip from this evenings Demolition Derby at Franklin Count Fair

Video by Kaylin Bade

New Haven Police Department hires part-time officer

The New Haven Police Department recently hired a new officer.  Rob Joyce will be working part-time for the department.  Click here to read more.

Joyce is from Marthasville, Mo where he has lived for the past 28 years.  He chose to get into law enforcement to help people in whatever way he can.  The New Haven Police Department is happy to welcome Joyce to the force and the New Haven Community.