Archive - Jul 20, 2011

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Head out to Robbler Winery this evening to relax and enjoy classical music

The Mid America Guitar Camp is currently going on at Camp Trinity.  The camp began on Monday and runs through Friday.


Summer Art Exhibit at East Central Collge begins today

Article by QNHN Reporter Kaylin Bade

School district revamps school's website

The New Haven School District recently revamped their website.  They have added sports schedules, school events, as well as the district’s newsletter.

The district is able to save money by putting these types of documents online, where as in the past they would have been printed and then mailed out.

Who ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble

Who in the world ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble?

An area of dirt is fenced in and then dowsed with water creating a huge muddy pit.  Participants are then split up into age groups.  The pigs start out small for the younger age groups and get bigger for the older age groups.

The picture to right; Priceless