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BREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: New Haven IS NOT under a water boil order

TThe call you may have received through New Haven’s auto dialer stating "The City of New Haven is under a Water Boil Order" is FALSE.

 In a statement issued by City Hall, the message that went out through the auto dial system was not initiated by the EMA Director or The City of New Haven and are unsure how the message was sent out.


COVER STORY: What one woman has experienced in the past 106 years

Pictured from left to right: Viola Van Leer and Marvin Van Leer
In 1905, the average worker made only 12 dollars a week, a gallon of milk cost less than 30 cents, and a 12 day cruise was just 60 dollars.  It was not until the 1920’s before most people had electricity, particularly those who lived in rural areas.