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Bio-diesel backers bullish on increased gas mileage targets

Misouri News Horizon
-- The bio-diesel industry is excited about the new gas mileage targets announced by the Obama administration. Joe Jobe, the president of the National Bio-diesel Board headquartered in Jefferson City, says new diesel powered cars are getting 40 miles per gallon and above, and diesel engines continue to improve in efficiency.

Where in the world is a Shamrock? - Zach Zuroweste

Zach Zuroweste
is a 1997 graduate of New Haven High School.  Today he flys the F/A –18 and is aboard the USS George H W Bush CVN 77 somewhere in the North Arabian Gulf.  He is currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Pirate Suppression Operations.

Tim Scheer Turns 30 - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Tim Scheer

We love you daddy!


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