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August 26th

Welcome Samantha Filla and Mandy Sullentrup to New Haven High School

Editorial and Photos by Kayla Oetterer - New Haven High School Student Intern

Two car accident this morning at the intersection of Highway E and Highway 100

New Haven/Berger Fire and New Haven EMS responded around the seven o’clock hour this morning for a report of a vehicle accident near the intersection of Highway 100 and Highway E.

A grey Oldsmobile Alero was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Hwy E when it was were rear-ended by a green late model Pontiac Sunfire.

August 25th

Exclusive Coverage:--CORRECTION MADE IN INITIAL STORY--Planning and Zoning Commission refuse to amend permit for business conducted out of a home -- License will continue to be required

News Coverage and Story by Brittany Menke-Technical Writer.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was held tonight at city hall.  The commission elected Jason Addison as Chairman, David Burke as Vice-Chairman, and Ben Vedder as Secretary.

The commission approved the request to use part of 115 Front Street, a building in the commercial district of New Haven, for residential purposes.

Sloppily-written "Facebook Law" (S.B. 54) passed in Jefferson City and signed by Gov. Nixon needs urgent repairs

Editorial by Kyle Quick

City workers finishing up work on Hickory street this morning

Yesterday we reported a small water main leak that had been discovered the day before by city workers.  Yesterday crews dug up the street where the leak was located and were able to repair the water leak. 

Freshman House member calls for Kinder to abandon plans to run for Mo. Governor - Cites 'irresponsible personal life' - Allegations of relationship with a St. Louis stripper

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- MISSOURI NEWS HORIZON -- He hasn’t even announced that he’s a candidate for governor yet, and already there are fellow Republicans calling for Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder to pull out of the race.


New Haven Police cracking down on impaired drivers - "You Drink and Drive, You Lose"

The sobering fact is that impaired driving contributes to nearly 30 percent of all Missouri traffic fatalities. In 2010, 234 people were killed and 957 seriously injured in crashes involving an impaired driver.

The New Haven Police Department will join other Missouri Law Enforcement agencies to crack down on drunk driving beginning tomorrow Fri., Aug 19 through Mon., Sept 5.

Cost to buy a Powerball ticket is going to double

Missouri News Horizon
. -- It will soon cost you $2 to play Powerball.

Missouri Lottery Director May Scheve told the House budget transparency committee Wednesday that her agency is switching $925,000 around in its budget to pay for statewide advertising to announce that Powerball tickets are increasing in price to $2 on January 15.

August 24th

Senator Roy Blunt meets with Montgomery County economic development organization – “It’s time for a change.”

Story by Carolyn Gerding and Photos by Kyle Quick.

Water main leak on Hickory Street repaired - Street closed

Hickory Street is closed today due to a water main leak that was discovered yesterday.  Crews fixed the leak early this morning, however they had to remove a portion of the asphalt in order to properly repair the leak.

December 31st


August 24th

Happy Birthday to Kyle Quick

Happy Birthday to Kyle Quick, QNHN's favorite editor!

You are very appreciated in the community, we all hope that you have a great day!

August 23rd

Lady Rocks win easy defeating Valley Park 18-1

Pictured above:  Kayla Oetterer game winning hit.

There was very little to talk about after the Lady Rocks defeated the Valley Park Hawks tonight at Lions field 18-1.

December 31st


August 23rd

Teachers’ group, senators, and representatives work on Facebook Law fix

Missouri News Horizon
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The chief of staff for the state senator who wrote the controversial Facebook Law says he’s confident teachers and legislators can work out language to clarify the provision which is part of a much larger bill.

December 31st


August 23rd

Update: BREAKING NEWS – 5.8 to 6.0 magnitude size Earthquake hits Washington D.C

It was just reported to us through a reliable source, which has asked to remain anonymous, that a 5.8 to 6.0 magnitude Earthquake has hit the Washington D.C Metropolitan area.

The USGS said that at 1:51 p.m. EST, a 5.9 magnitude Earthquake centered in Minearl, VA occured, which is 39 miles northwest of Richmond, VA and 85 miles southwest of the Washington D.C. area. 

Stolen truck recovered this morning in Indiana

Yesterday evening we reported a breaking story about a truck that had been stolen.  This morning we spoke with Assistant Chief Dan Terry hoping to obtain further information.

You Drink & Drive, You Lose - Sobriety check points this weekend

Franklin County Deputies will be conducting sobriety checkpoints this upcoming weekend of August 26-28, 2011. Sobriety checkpoints are conducted in cooperation with Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) in attempt to make the roadways of Franklin County safer for motorists.

August 22nd

Lady Shamrocks Softball shut out last night at Orchard Farms

Orchard Farms, Mo:  The Lady Shamrocks began their season last night against the Orchard Farms Eagles.  The Eagles scored 15 runs off 15 hits defeating the Lady Rocks 15-0 in 4 innings.

After the game Coach Tim Scheer said, “The past few years their girls have always hit the ball well.  Last year they scored 11 runs off 16 hits against us.”