Archive - Sep 2, 2011

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It’s a sad and familiar scene as Missouri vets return for duty in National Guard

Photos and story by Tim Sampson
Missouri News Horizon

Breaking News: Election results in after recount – Tie in 4th grade and 6th grade races

Photos taken by Kasi Meyer
Your New Haven Elmentary Election Headquarters


13th Annual New Haven Cross Country "Short Course" Invitational tomorrow morning

Pictured above Cross Country Team runs part of the "Short Course" during practice.

Letter to the edior -- Asking drivers to obey speed limit on Olive Street

The posted speed limit on the streets is 25mph, however several residents of our town don't or won't obey this law.

Student Council Elections--Today New Haven Elementary students head to the polls

Student Council Candidates have been campaigning this past week for today’s much anticipated Student Council Election.

Students running for office have posted some pretty creative signs throughout the school as part of their campaigning efforts, telling fellow students why they should be elected.