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Senator Cunningham saga continues

Missouri News Horizon
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The Missouri Senate’s Education committee has voted unanimously to make changes to legislation aimed at regulating electronic communication between students and school employees.

Senator Jane Cunningham addresses congress about the "Facebook" law - Video of Cunningham speaking

Senator Jane Cunningham, Republican from the 7th Senatorial District in Chesterfield, has been under constant scrutiny about her proposed legislation, regarding student/teacher communication.

Demolition of historic Olive Street Bridge began this afternoon

Say good-bye to the Olive Street Bridge, KJ Unnerstall began tearing down the bridge this afternoon.  The bridge is estimated at being over 80 years old.

Where in the world is a Shamrock? - Zach Zuroweste UPDATE

Pictured above Zach Zuroweste before taking his last flight.

Hot dogging good time with Bank of Franklin County at last night's softball game

Pictured above:  Jerry Jasper grilling hotdogs.

Before last night’s softball game, employees from Bank of Franklin County’s New Haven Branch hosted their annual tailgate party for Shamrock fans.