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July 27th

Blunt, McCaskill split on deficit plans

Missouri News Horizon
By Tim Sampson
– The ongoing debate over the rapidly looming debt crisis has Missouri lawmakers sharply divide on the issue.

July 27th

BREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: New Haven IS NOT under a water boil order

TThe call you may have received through New Haven’s auto dialer stating "The City of New Haven is under a Water Boil Order" is FALSE.

 In a statement issued by City Hall, the message that went out through the auto dial system was not initiated by the EMA Director or The City of New Haven and are unsure how the message was sent out.

December 31st


July 27th

COVER STORY: What one woman has experienced in the past 106 years

Pictured from left to right: Viola Van Leer and Marvin Van Leer
In 1905, the average worker made only 12 dollars a week, a gallon of milk cost less than 30 cents, and a 12 day cruise was just 60 dollars.  It was not until the 1920’s before most people had electricity, particularly those who lived in rural areas.

July 26th

Amtrak back to full strength Wednesday

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - MISSOURI NEWS HORIZON - Amtrak train will once again run two trains across the state on Wednesday.  The railroad announcing it will reinstate full service between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Franklin County R-II School monthly board meeting Wednesday Jul., 27, 2011

The Franklin County R-II School public board meeting will be held Wednesday Jul., 27 2011 at 6:30 p.m.  Items on the agenda are listed below.




New Haven School Board will meet with architects to discuss long-range facility plans

The New Haven School District has scheduled a public meeting for Thursday, Aug., 11 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Power outage caused by tree limb

This morning New Haven Police and Fire responded at 6:15 a.m. for a report of a tree limb on the power lines at the 100 block of Maiden Lane.  The limb broke off from a tree onto a primary line causing the power outage this morning.

July 25th

Happy Birthday Doris Wurtz

Happy Birthday Doris

LOST DOG: Lost Beagle found on Eltah Road call 237-2280

A beagle was found today on the door steps of Duane Kemper's house on Eltah Rd.  The beagle is pictured above and has two colars around his neck.  If this is your dog or may know whose dog this may be please call 237-2280. 

When the dog is returned to the owner please contact QNHN at 636 359 1018 so we can update this story.

December 31st


July 25th

QNHN has same media pass as national news networks - Follow Kathleen Scheer through her Senior season at Duke

Photo courtesy of Women’s Duke Basketball

Kathleen Scheer will be a senior this year at Duke and QNHN will be traveling to North Carolina to bring you live coverage throughout Scheer’s finial season as a Duke Blue Devil.

Runing camp held at Camp Trinity - High School runners from all over the state in attendance

Since I began covering news and events in and around the New Haven area, I have discovered many newsworthy stories that have gone unnoticed for years.  News that is important to our community that you deserve to read about.

December 31st


July 25th

QNHN is just getting started - A glimpse of news coverage New Haven has never seen before

Supporters and fans of The New Haven School District and Franklin County R-II School will not be disappointed this year.  It is hard to believe students will be headed back to school in less than a month.

Olive street bridge construction could begin this week

City officials are saying the construction on the Olive Street Bridge could begin as early as this week. The project includes replacement of the Olive Street Bridge and realignment of the roadway southwest of the bridge. Sidewalk and a pedestrian walkway on the bridge are included. The total contract amount is $215,991.70.

July 24th

Help make "Dustin's Dream" come true

I have received a flood of request asking how someone could make a donation to help "Dustin's Dream" come true.  You request it and QNHN will take care of it.
Click Here to contribute

July 23rd

Aerial video from 2011 New Haven Youth Fair

Did you happen to see a little plan flying around at last weekends youth fair?  Here is aerial video recorded from last Saturday.  It is pretty awesome.  Hope you enjoy.

Senators Fret over FEMA's lack of funding

Missouri News Horizon

July 22nd

The past, present, and future of tractor pulling