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June 20th

I want to hear from you because your opinion matters

One of the great advantages of QuickNewHavenNews is we are not limited to the amount of space needed to publish content.  If you want to announce your engagement or wish someone happy birthday email or contact us. 

June 19th

"News you may have missed" New Haven High School students awards breakfast

Perfect attendance all 4 years. Pictured left to right:  Cameron Carey and Austin Peirick

Happy Father's Day from QuickNewHavenNews

QuickNewHavenNews would like to wish all the dads out there a very happy and blessed Father’s Day.

On a personal note, I want to wish my dad Happy Father’s Day, I love you dad and thanks for being a great dad.

I also want to wish one of my best friends, Scott Coble, a happy Father’s Day.  He will be a daddy next month. 

June 18th

Benefit BBQ for Andy Lagemann huge success

It was no surprise that by 12:15 the 140 pork steaks were all gone and by 1:00 they had sold out of everything.  New Haven is truly a special place, anytime someone is in need the community always seems to come together and help out.

Important news you may have missed over the past 4 months

Throughout the following weeks I will be running a series of stories you have probably missed.  This includes awards Carl Bounds received as well as Ray Steinhoff, a variety of awards that students have received and so much more. 

Students from summer school visit downtown New Haven

Photos taken by Kasi Meyer:

Yesterday as part of New Haven’s summer school program, students were exposed to some of New Haven’s history.

UPDATE: Benefit BBQ today in front of Quick’s Save-A-Lot

11:28 am Amazing what an hour makes.  Rain is gone and sun is shinning and BBQ is ready and being served. 

June 17th

City of New Haven has plan in place and prepared for any potential threat of flooding

Yesterday I spoke with Steve Roth, City Administrator about the possibilities, preparedness and potential of flooding for New Haven.

Quick:  What preparations have the city taken if river levels rise to dangerous levels?

December 31st


June 17th

New Haven School District approves lease refunding certificates of particpation with a net savings of about $101,356

Submitted by: Michele Scheer, Board Secretary

Exclusive interview with Navy AME Kleinheider

Video by Crystal LaRose

June 16th

Scheer one of only two girls asked to return to Missouri Girls State

Julie Scheer attended Missouri Girls State (MGS) last year while a junior at New Haven High School.  This year she is one of only two girls, out of nearly 800 in attendance last year who were asked to return for this years MGS.

December 31st




June 16th

R-II's summer school huge benefit to students

Yesterday I spent part of my morning with the students and teachers at R-II School.  I spoke with Kathy Oetterer about what types of courses and activities they provide during their summer school program.  Oetterer said, "We cover the core subjects reading, writing and math but also throw in enrichment activities to make it fun.  The students that attend summer school are here because t

June 15th

Missouri River flooding potential

The City of New Haven will host a community meeting at 7 p.m. June 23 at the Walt Theatre, 111 Front Street, to discuss the potential for Missouri River flooding this season.

Tree stuck by lighting from last nights storms

Last night a round of severe storms came through are area once again.  Thankfully there was no damages reported from last nights wave of storms, according to City Administrator Steve Roth.  However, at Nortmann's Cemetery, located on Olive Rd, there was a large tree that appeared to have been struck by lighting.

New Haven PD dash cam video of hot pursuit

Click heading to view the dash cam video of New Haven PD police chase on May 16th.

June 14th

Thriller at Lions field tonight BMI vs People's Savings Bank

BMI and People's Savings Bank faced off tonight at Lions field.  The game was scorel the game was scoreless going into the bottom of the 6th inning and BMI up to bat.