Archive - Oct 16, 2012

Months later, hog farmers still struggling with pains of drought

Missouri News Horizon
— While the hot temperatures may be gone, the effects of this summer’s drought are still lingering with Missouri farmers.

The pain is shared throughout the state’s agriculture industry, and that include’s the state’s hog farmers. No, the bacon and pork chops will not be absent from the shelves, but the cost of feed for Missouri farmers hurts where it counts, which may transfer to consumers.

Man with warrant for arrest visits courthouse - Spotted by County Clerk - Deputy chases him down

Union, Mo – Late Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Austin Thater, from Union, Mo. was at the front window of the Circuit Clerk’s office inside the County Court House.  Ironically Thater had a warrant out for his arrest.

At the same time a Franklin County Deputy was in the Circuit Clerk’s office when one of the clerks recognized Thater and knew about his warrant.