Archive - Oct 19, 2012

Despite Obama statements, Planned Parenthood doesn’t give mammograms

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog

ST. LOUIS — President Barack Obama said in Tuesday night’s debate that women depend on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, but the organization does not offer such services in Missouri or nationally.

Instead, the largely federally funded group that focuses on women’s health care offers initial screenings and refers women to other providers who perform mammograms.

Catching a dream, the hunt of a lifetime

Patricia Noelke, 15, of New Haven has loved to hunt and fish her entire life.  Just like many girls her age from our rural area, Patricia has actively participated in these sports since she was seven years old.  However, unlike her peers, she has had to cope with congenital disorders, Spina Bifida and Hydrocepalus, her entire life and has no movement in her lower extremities. 

Peacut questionable after suffering shoulder injury in three set loss to Union

Rachel Horstmann (right) enters the game for Kelsey Peacut (#2) after injuring her left shoulder early in the third set.

Union, Mo. – After coming off a two set win over Linn on Monday the Lady Shamrocks traveled to Union looking for their fourth straight win and momentum as they begin their postseason on Monday at Bismark.