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Kaylin's Kitchen - Homemade Cookies Day

Today, you are not allowed to go to the store and purchase premade cookies - you have to make them!  (You can cheat by using pre-packaged cookie dough, but it is not recommended!) 


Akin embarks on statewide bus tour

Missouri News Horizon (photo)

COLUMBIA, Mo. — With renewed support from some national conservatives, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin hit the campaign trail this week to reenergize supporters behind his embattled campaign.

About two dozen supporters showed up for a campaign event at the Republican Party “Victory” office in Columbia on Thursday. Earlier in the day, a couple supporters showed up for a campaign rally, turned press conference at the state capitol in Jefferson City.

Happy Birthday Henry!

Happy Birthday Henry!

I know that your birthday started already last night where you are in Okinawa, but it is your birthday here in Beaufort today!

From: "Little One"