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Tim Strobel retires from coaching after 20 years ending the Strobel/Steinhoff dynasty

By Kyle Quick and Kaylin Bade: Download article

In 1992, Tim Strobel became the Junior Varsity boys’ basketball Coach and Assistant Varsity Coach, which turned out to be the missing link to the men’s basketball program and eventually formed the Steinhoff/ Strobel era.

Regardless of one’s opinion of Mr. Strobel it cannot be argued that he coached because of his love for New Haven High School and for the kids, while he refused to accept a single penny for coaching; instead he wanted his portion given to other coaches.

McCaskill's own party puts pressure on entitlement programs and Nations looming fiscal cliff

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Missouri News Horizon
Missouri U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill is facing pressure from her own Democratic base as national leaders continue to search for a fix to the nation’s looming fiscal cliff.

On Friday, a group of Democratic organizations — including ASFCME, SEIU, and the National Educators Association — launched a new television ad in Missouri urging McCaskill to oppose “any cuts” to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Another Muscular Dystrophy Mystery Solved; MU Scientists Inch Closer to a Therapy for Patients‏

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Approximately 250,000 people in the United States suffer from muscular dystrophy, which occurs when damaged muscle tissue is replaced with fibrous, bony or fatty tissue and loses function.

Three years ago, University of Missouri scientists found a molecular compound that is vital to curing the disease, but they didn’t know how to make the compound bind to the muscle cells.