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Union resident rear-ended, receives moderate injuries

Union, Mo. - Coy Smith, 85, of Union sustained moderate injuries in a two-vehicle accident this afternoon in Union, while stopped in traffic on Highway 50, .6 miles west of Independence Ave.


SNL Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary and real stories told by real people

Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary on Saturday Night Live
--Now that days have passed since 27 innocent lives were lost, mainstream media begins focusing on what could have prevented such tragedy or whatever else they can come up with, instead of acknowledging what people across the United States are doing to honor and remember Sandy Hook Elementary.

Instead of listening to the same thing over and over you can choose what video tributes to watch or read what regular everyday people are saying.

Watch the tribute that was done at the beginning of Saturday night live, video tributes people have made, or what is being discussed on Facebook or Twitter.

These are real people sharing real stories.

New Haven looks to rebound from last week's combined four losses

Coach Peirick and Coach Steinhoff hope to rebound from last week’s combined four losses.
Photo by Megan Bauer

By Kyle Quick

New Haven looks to rebound from last week’s losses that both the girls and boys basketball teams suffered at the hands of St. James and Pacific.

The Lady Shamrocks ended a four game winning streak after losing last Monday to St. James, 41-38, followed by their second straight loss to Pacific, 48-30, three nights later.