Archive - Dec 20, 2012


Winter Weather Utility Scam Reported in Missouri

Missouri News Horizon
By Mike Ferguson

Ameren and the Better Business Bureau are warning about a scam that tends to follow the winter weather.

It works like this: someone calls you, claims to be from the utility company and threatens to shut off your gas or electricity because of an outstanding bill. They ask for checking or credit card information over the phone. In some cases, the caller told victims to pay through a Green Dot Money Pak card, which is a prepaid card system. Payments through that system and systems including Western Union and MoneyGram can be harder to trace by authorities.

Health Care Practitioners Must Cooperate to Reduce Medication Mismanagement

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Medication reconciliation is a safety practice in which health care professionals review patients’ medication regimens when patients transition between settings to reduce the likelihood of adverse drug effects. It is among the most complex clinical tasks required of physicians, nurses and pharmacists, who must work cooperatively to minimize discrepancies and inappropriate medication orders.

Less Wait Time for Safe Travel Could Reduce Drinking and Driving in People with ‘Urgency’ Personality Trait

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Saving bar patrons’ time on their commute home could save lives. A pair of studies by University of Missouri psychologists found that people who reported drinking and driving also exhibited “urgency,” or a lack of emotional self-control, especially while drinking.

This suggests that some people when intoxicated may be more likely to choose the convenience of driving themselves home instead of waiting for a taxi, said Denis McCarthy, associate professor of psychology at MU.