Archive - Dec 5, 2012


Did you know New Haven has a Community Christmas tree

Photo by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – I bet few people, including myself, knew that New Haven has a Community Christmas Tree.  In fact we’ve had the tree for four years after Hennigs Automotive donated the tree in 2008, at the time known as GDX.

Tour 25th Annual Candlelight Christmas House Tour

New Haven, Mo. – The air-conditioning was needed for the 70-degree weather that was experienced during the New Haven Preservation Society’s 25th Annual Candlelight Christmas Home Tour.

The annual event has traditionally marked the beginning of the holiday season, however with the unusually warm temperatures it felt like summer in December.  On the flip side, the weather encouraged people to tour houses, resulting in one of the largest turnouts in its history.

Bilirubin Can Prevent Damage from Cardiovascular Disease

COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— Each year, about 610,000 Americans suffer their first heart attack, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Heart attacks and other symptoms of cardiovascular disease can be caused when blockage occurs in the arteries. In a new study from the University of Missouri, a scientist has discovered a natural defense against arterial blockage: bilirubin.