Archive - Feb 23, 2012

Steinhoff and Oetterer voted 1st Team-All Conference

Photo by Kyle Quick
Pictured left to right: Kayla Oetterer and Rachel Steinhoff

Marian Kelley retires after 26 years at Citizens Bank

Photo by Dave Shockely

Missouri House passes legislaion - Read in english or don't drive

MissouriNews Horizon JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri House of Representatives Thursday passed legislation that would require state driver’s license examinations, written and driving, be given in English only.

It marks the second year in a row the Republican dominated House of Representatives has moved the bill forward. A similar measure died in the state Senate last year.

Mercy Cardiology offers health advice for Acute Coronary Syndrome

WASHINGTON, Mo. – Acute Coronary Syndrome is one of the most common forms of heart disease, and also one of the most preventable. If caught early and treated, it can stop a heart attack from happening.


JV boys send Hancock to the cleaners - Look for third straight win on Friday

Ross Seitter pulls up for a jumper in Monday's game against Hancock.