Archive - Apr 14, 2012

Scholar bowl team takes second place at districts

Chamois, Mo – After an easy victory over Chamois 370-80 New Haven advanced into the District Championship game against St. Elizabeth. 

Earlier in the day during pool play, New Haven had defeated St. Elizabeth 400-250.  In the Championship game New Haven faced a different St. Elizabeth team than they had faced earlier in the day.

Scholar Bowl team to play for District Shampionship

Few members of New Haven's Scholar Bowl team kick back and relax before the Championship match begins.

Chamois, Mo – New Haven’s Scholar Bowl team has just advanced to the District Championship match after beating Chamois by an astonishing 290 points, 370-80.

Attentive driver prevents possible head on collision

New Haven, Mo – Earlier this morning at approximately CORRECTION accident occured at 10:20 a.m. New Haven Police responded to the intersection of Highway 100 and Circle Drive for a motor vehicle crash.