Archive - Aug 4, 2012

Breaking News Live Reports from Washington Missouri

Pictured above is the intersection of Highway 100 and 47, where traffic lights are not functioning, due to power outage.

Live candid interview with Washington Fair Chairman Dale Westhoff

Washington, Mo. – Earlier this morning in a live candid interview with Dale Westhoff, Chairman of the 2012 Town and County Fair Board,  talked about Jake Owen’s incredible concert on Thurs. and about tonight’s much anticipated performance on the Pepsi Main Stage as REO Speedwagon returns to Washington.

Make sure to watch our live interview with Westhoff.

New Haven's A-Kay Meyer crowned 2012 Franklin County Beef Queen

Pictured A-Kay Meyer from New Haven, Mo. after being crowned the 2012  Franklin County Beef Queen.

Washington, Mo. – Thursday evening A-Kay Meyer, daughter of Terry and Trina Meyer was crowned the 2012 Franklin County Beef Queen prior to the Washington Town and Country Market Steer Judging.

Various factors contributing to recent elk deaths in restoration centers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is awaiting additional laboratory test results to help determine the causes of recent elk deaths, including six cow elk.

Catfight breaks out during Gretchen Wilson concert

Washington, Mo. – During Fri. night’s concert a fight broke out between two ladies in the middle of the crowd.  Police officers quickly made their way through the crowd, preventing the incident from escalating any further.