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Rain was no help to the daunting task of removing a trash truck

New Haven, Mo. – The trash truck accident Tuesday afternoon could have been much worse, fortunately no one was hurt.

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BREAKING NEWS: Trash truck's brakes go out smoking through intersection

New Haven, Mo. – Late Tuesday afternoon a trash truck’s brakes went out and no way for the driver to stop.  He barreled through the intersection of Melrose and Maupin Street, somehow managing to keep from crashing into a house, as he was able to maneuver between two neighboring homes.

Pacific High School deals with allegations of bulling of handicapped student

Pacific, Mo. – Pacific High School has been the center of attention regarding allegations that a 15-year-old sophomore was voted by her class to be a candidate for Homecoming Queen as a practical joke.  This is according to the mother of the targeted student, Tonya Tanner.

We have spent over an hour interviewing both parties and can ensure you these are the actual facts and events that took place.

TX: Paul’s top dog in defending taxpayers

By Steve Miller | Texas Watchdog

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste ranks Texas congressman and former presidential aspirant Ron Paul at the top of its latest list of federal lawmakers who defend taxpayer interests. Paul scores a 98 percent, bested only by two senators from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

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Winds prevented race but couldn’t prevent from having a good time

Updated: Parade video added

New Haven, Mo. – An estimated one thousand people turnout for the 23rd Annual New Haven Hot Air Balloon race.  Saturday’s weather was perfect for people to relax and enjoy an exciting day filled with many activities for both adults and children alike. There was plenty of great food on hand as well.

Citizens Bank brings home two trophies from the Downtown Washington Chili Cook-Off

Washington, Mo. – Friday evening in the Downtown Washington Chili Cook-Off the Citizens Bank Taekwondo Olympic Team won the “Best Bank Chili” award and placed third overall out of 20 teams.

Pacific knocks off Washington - New Haven number 1 seed

Hermann, Mo. – New Haven will advance the semifinals as the number seed, finishing Monday night with a record of 5-1, splitting sets with Washington.  New Haven will take on the number 2 seed from Pool B, which will be held Tuesday night at 5 p.m.

Washington entered Monday night’s final match with a record of 3-1, needing to win one set to guarantee a spot in Thursday’s tournament.  On the other hand Pacific was 2-2 and had to win both sets to play in Thursday’s semifinal match