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July 25th, 2011

QNHN has same media pass as national news networks - Follow Kathleen Scheer through her Senior season at Duke

Photo courtesy of Women’s Duke Basketball

Kathleen Scheer will be a senior this year at Duke and QNHN will be traveling to North Carolina to bring you live coverage throughout Scheer’s finial season as a Duke Blue Devil.

Runing camp held at Camp Trinity - High School runners from all over the state in attendance

Since I began covering news and events in and around the New Haven area, I have discovered many newsworthy stories that have gone unnoticed for years.  News that is important to our community that you deserve to read about.

December 31st, 1969


July 25th, 2011

QNHN is just getting started - A glimpse of news coverage New Haven has never seen before

Supporters and fans of The New Haven School District and Franklin County R-II School will not be disappointed this year.  It is hard to believe students will be headed back to school in less than a month.

Olive street bridge construction could begin this week

City officials are saying the construction on the Olive Street Bridge could begin as early as this week. The project includes replacement of the Olive Street Bridge and realignment of the roadway southwest of the bridge. Sidewalk and a pedestrian walkway on the bridge are included. The total contract amount is $215,991.70.

July 24th

Help make "Dustin's Dream" come true

I have received a flood of request asking how someone could make a donation to help "Dustin's Dream" come true.  You request it and QNHN will take care of it.
Click Here to contribute

July 23rd

Aerial video from 2011 New Haven Youth Fair

Did you happen to see a little plan flying around at last weekends youth fair?  Here is aerial video recorded from last Saturday.  It is pretty awesome.  Hope you enjoy.

Senators Fret over FEMA's lack of funding

Missouri News Horizon

July 22nd

The past, present, and future of tractor pulling

2011 New Haven tractor pull results

Farm Class Results

Governor and Treasurer tout new jobs

Missouri News Horizon
The governor and state treasurer traveled the state Friday announcing new jobs spurred by state programs.

July 21st

McCaskill and Blunt Disagree on “Gang of Six” Role in Debt Limit Debate

Missouri News Horizon

Triumph of "Skippy's Dream" at New Haven Tractor Pull-The fairy tale story continues

Pictured to right:  Randy Klenke right after pulling into first place.

Senator Blunt praises Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill on Senate Floor...


Dangerously high temperatures through the weekend - What to do if your AC goes out or event of a power outage

QNHN spoke with City Officials regarding the resources available to citizens in the event of a power outage, or for those whose air conditioning may stop working.

July 20th

Head out to Robbler Winery this evening to relax and enjoy classical music

The Mid America Guitar Camp is currently going on at Camp Trinity.  The camp began on Monday and runs through Friday.

December 31st, 1969


July 20th, 2011

Summer Art Exhibit at East Central Collge begins today

Article by QNHN Reporter Kaylin Bade

School district revamps school's website

The New Haven School District recently revamped their website.  They have added sports schedules, school events, as well as the district’s newsletter.

The district is able to save money by putting these types of documents online, where as in the past they would have been printed and then mailed out.

Who ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble

Who in the world ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble?

An area of dirt is fenced in and then dowsed with water creating a huge muddy pit.  Participants are then split up into age groups.  The pigs start out small for the younger age groups and get bigger for the older age groups.

The picture to right; Priceless