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Missouri DNR Drought Monitor update released today

As suspected, Franklin County is currently within the Moderate to Severe category intensity for drought.  The county has received less than two inches of rain in the last four weeks, contributing to inadequate moisture supply for crops and livestock.

Following dry spell, state begins to seek federal aid for farmers

File photo
By Eli Yokley


LIBERTY, Mo. — In response to a significant dry spell, Gov. Jay Nixon has begun the process of seeking federal disaster aid for Missouri farmers.

Once-Injured Race Horse Climbs Back Into the Winner’s Circle‏

Photo by Anne Smith

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Using a novel therapy, a team at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine has helped a veteran race horse become a contender once again.

Missouri Dairy Association celebrates Missouri Dairy month at Scheer's Dairy Farm

Photos by Kyle Quick

MDA President Larry Purdom with Rick Scheer, part owner of Scheer's Dary Farm.

New Haven, Mo - The Missouri Dairy Association (MDA) and the Missouri Dairy Growth Council (MDGC) are celebrating June Dairy Month with a tour and proclamation reading at the Scheer Family Dairy Farm in New Haven on Thursday June 14.

Two Warmest Winter Months in Midwest History May Have Connection - 1889 & 2012

Photo courtesy of NASA/JPL Ocean Surface Topography Team.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – This past March was the second warmest winter month ever recorded in the Midwest, with temperatures 15 degrees above average.

The only other winter month that was warmer was December of 1889, during which temperatures were 18 degrees above average.

Missouri Dairy Association and Growth Council to celebrate Dairy Month at Scheer family dairy

Photo by Kyle Quick.

Chesterfield, Mo - The Missouri Dairy Association (MDA) and the Missouri Dairy Growth Council (MDGC) are celebrating June Dairy Month with a tour and proclamation reading at the Scheer Family Dairy Farm in New Haven on Thursday June 14.

Dry weather causes concern for Missouri farmers

The early hot and dry weather across the state is causing problems for Missouri farmers.

Bill Wiebold, an official with the University of Missouri Agriculture Extension office, said many crops are beginning to wither in the hot, dry, sun.

New Haven Farmer's Market Opening May 3

Before long you’ll see the familiar set up for the New Haven Farmer's Market.  It will be open each week from 4:00 to 6:30 pm on Thursdays, located along the levee behind the Riverfront Cultural Society (RCS).

Blunt and McCaskill joined forces getting Obama to back away from farmers

COLUMBIA, Mo. — The Obama administration is backing away from a proposal to prevent children from working on farms owned by anyone other than their parents.

Combatting the soybean hijacker - fighting the Nematode

Photo by the University of Minnesota Extension

Timothy Wall, COLUMBIA, Mo.
— Americans rarely see soybeans on their plates, but soybeans account for two-thirds of the world’s animal feed and more than half the edible oil consumed in the U.S., according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

House bill protects livestock farmers

Missouri News Horizon
Jefferson City, Mo.
— Legislation seen as protection from referendums on new farm regulations from groups like the Humane Society of the United States has passed the Missouri House of Representatives.

Cautions to Gardeners and Farmers Against Early Planting Despite Warm Weather‏

Brad Fischer , COLUMBIA, Mo.
– Warm temperatures and sunshine have come to the Midwest earlier than usual this spring. A University of Missouri expert predicts a continued warm trend, but he cautions farmers and gardeners against early planting.

MU study: Farm income, food prices to decline slightly in 2012

Missouri News Horizon

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.-  A study by an agriculture economics group at the University of Missouri shows that farm income will fall slightly in 2012 due to dropping crop prices.

MU Scientists Strive to Improve Pesticide Efficiency‏

Story by Brad Fischer, COLUMBIA, Mo. – In 2007, a controversial pesticide was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on fruit and vegetable crops, mainly in California and Florida. Farm workers and scientists protested the approval of the pesticide because its active ingredient, methyl iodide, is a known carcinogen.

MU Expert Predicts Hot, Dry Summer for Midwest‏

COLUMBIA, Mo. – For nearly a year, the Midwest and southwest United States have experienced drought and warmer than normal conditions. A University of Missouri expert is predicting no relief, as he expects drought and hot conditions to continue this summer.

BREAKING NEWS: Meeting about DOL's regulations on farm families

Union, Mo - We recently have been informed about a special meeting taking place in Union, Mo at 3 p.m. this afternoon about the controversial Department of Labor’s regulations on child labor laws that could affect farm families, restricting children from working on farms.

Franklin County Fair Queen Contest Application Released

The Franklin County Fair Queen Contest is now seeking contestants from all areas of Franklin County for the 2012 season. 

BREAKING NEWS: Farmers gather about Department of Labor's proposed regulations on family farms

United States consumers are more willing to buy clothing made from U.S. cotton when grown sustainably

Studies show importance of transparency in U.S. apparel production.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As the interest in environmentally responsible business practices grows globally, researchers are interested in how that interest translates into consumer sales.

Spring flooding affected 2011's corn and soybean figures

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo - Officials with USDA blame spring and summer flooding n the Missouri and Mississippi river basins and a hot dry summer for numbers that didn’t stack up to 2010’s record corn and soybean production figures.

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