Hot Air Balloon Race

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Winds prevented race but couldn’t prevent from having a good time

Updated: Parade video added

New Haven, Mo. – An estimated one thousand people turnout for the 23rd Annual New Haven Hot Air Balloon race.  Saturday’s weather was perfect for people to relax and enjoy an exciting day filled with many activities for both adults and children alike. There was plenty of great food on hand as well.

Winds may have cancelled the race but a few balloons launched for the fun of it.

By Kyle Quick
New Haven, Mo. - Greg Hanson, Head Race Official said, “The FAA says that winds must be below 12 mph in order to have an official balloon race.  This is the reason we had to cancel the “race”, however if pilots felt it was safe to launch for recreational purposes they were given the “ok.”

Live Telecast from our Hot Air Balloon - Regular balloon updates all day

The wind wins today - 23rd Annual Balloon Race Cancelled

New Haven, Mo. – Today the winds win.  Despite the beautiful weather and blue sky, wind conditions are too dangerous for pilots to launch.

Special thanks to the pilots, sponsors and crew for coming out today; the race itself is officially cancelled.  However some pilots may attempt to lift off for recreational purposes.

Photos from Saturday's parade

Live interview with Brad Zobrist about today’s 23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race

Live recorded video of parade earlier Saturday afternoon

2012 Hot Air Balloon Race Information Center

Updated: Current Balloon Race Outlook

Live Coverage, better coverage, faster coverage - Video from last year's flight

New Haven, Mo.New Haven Lumber is the official sponsor of Quick News’s live coverage of the 23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race.

We have made it easier than ever for you to know when the balloons will launch, keeping you informed in the palm of your hand.

We spoke with Ellen Zobrist on Thursday and she told us about a particular balloon that will be at this year’s Hot Air Balloon Race.  Make sure to sign up for Quick Text Alerts before Friday afternoon when we will reveal what Mrs. Zobrist informed us about.

23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race made possible by these sponsors

23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race Quick News Coverage sponsored by New Haven Lumber with Quick Text Alerts

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This Saturday, September 22 we are going a step further by providing quicker, up to the minute details, and for the first time we are adding Quick Text Alerts sponsored by New Haven Lumber sent right to your phone.

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23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race presented by Pepsi Sept. 22

Are you geared up for the 23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race

By Kyle Quick:

This coming Sat. Sept. 22 will mark the 23rd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race presented by Pepsi.

More than just a pin

Every year, along with several other traditions for the balloon race, is a uniquely designed balloon pin with the year on it.  The 2009 balloon was more unique than any other pin prior to or since then.

Part 2 of 2: Balloons blow up, float away and then what -- The rest of the story

Photos by Kyle Quick

Picture above the top five winners from left to right: Ellen Zobrist, Kent Schroder, Ken Jay, Janet Sines, John Essermann, and Joe Nusrala.

Part 1 of 2: Balloons blow up, float away and then what

Clear blue skies, light winds, and 70 degrees are perfect conditions for a Hot Air Balloon Race.  This past Saturday Pepsi presented their 22nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race in the City Park of New Haven.

Take a ride in the Pepsi Can Balloon with Brad Zobrist and Kyle Quick -- A QNHN Exclusive

 Read more below about the race.

Highlights of yesterday's parade

What we are working on for you -- Videos, stories, pictures, and so much more

Pictured above: Balloons as they are approaching the white target on the right.
Photos by Kyle Quick 

Photos from today's balloon race

It was a beautiful day for the 22nd Annual New Haven Balloon Race.


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