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Missouri voter turnout down from 2008

--Approximately 65.7 percent of registered voters participated in elections earlier this year, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said Wednesday.

Voter turnout was down from both 2008 — when 69 percent of registered voters cast their ballots — and from Carnahan’s own prediction of 72 percent. About 2.7 million cast ballots this year, with the highest turnout reported from Osage County.

Two states will be living a higher life and Cigarette tax voted down

Photo by Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post

A bigger headline than Barack Obama being reelected might be the fact that Marijuana was legalized for recreational use in two states and California was not one of them. 

The mile high city just became higher after Maijuana was legalized in Colorado after Tuesday’s elections.  Washington also joined in living a “higher” life becoming the first two states to legalize the substance.

Election Buzz 2012 - Election coverage that won't bore you to death

See what people are saying about Mariguana being legalized in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon

Breaking: Akin concedes senate race to McCaskill

Missouri News Horizon
Chesterfield, Mo.
- Looks like an earlier night than expected for Congressman Akin.  A staff member just confirmed to Missouri News Horizon that around 9:30 p.m. Congressman Akin called Senator Claire McCaskill and conceded the race to her.

He is expected to make a public statement before ten o’clock.

Local, State, and National election results

8:35 - Update on State Races -
cigarette tax being voted down 60%

Quick News Coverage
The 2012 campaign is now the 2012 election as polls close and votes tallied.

Throughout the night we will have updated results from how Franklin County residence voted, to races at the state level, and of course the race to 270 for the White House.

iPads being used in Franklin County; already large turnout at the polls

New Havne, Mo. - Polling places across Franklin County are reporting a high voter turnout.  Both New Haven locations have already surpassed the number of voters who turned out for the primaries.  As of 12:30 p.m., over 500 citizens have cast their votes out of roughly 1300 registered voters.

For decades, voting officials had to flip through a large book of pages to find your name so you could sign, showing you had voted.

Looking out for voters - Know before you go what you are voting on

By Kyle Quick
Tuesday will be the biggest election since the hanging chads of 2000 when Republican candidate George W. Bush defeated the Democratic candidate Al Gore.  Franklin County Debbie Door is predicting a 70 to 73 percent turnout in Franklin County.

There are several items on this year’s ballot that could be over shadowed by the highly published race for the White House.

Quick News has you covered so you know what will be on the ballot before you go vote.

Missouri poll shows big leads in races for Senator, Govenor, and President

Missouri News Horizon
Where the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may be too close to call on the national scene, there seems to be little uncertainty in any of the big races in Missouri.

Statewide candidates begin final campaign pushes

Missouri News Horizon
— With just a few days left before voters head to the polls on election day, there is little left for candidates to do besides making sure their supporters actually vote.

That is why Republicans and Democrats alike began statewide tours this week to get out the vote among their supports.

Don't count Akin out - Political Action Committee spending $800,000 in ads attacking McCaskill

Todd Akin’s campaign is about to get a big boost from a campaign that at one time backed Sarah Steelman.

The Now or Never Political Action Committee (PAC) announced it is pouring 800-thousand dollars into buying television ads attacking Senator Claire McCaskill.

Missouri voters confused over ID requirements

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog

ST. LOUIS — Missouri’s secretary of state says some voters think they must present a photo ID to cast ballots on Nov. 6, a confusion brought on in part by the man who’s running for her seat.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan initiated a media blitz late this week to remind Show Me State residents that they are not required to present a government-issued photo ID to vote.

Despite Obama statements, Planned Parenthood doesn’t give mammograms

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog

ST. LOUIS — President Barack Obama said in Tuesday night’s debate that women depend on Planned Parenthood for mammograms, but the organization does not offer such services in Missouri or nationally.

Instead, the largely federally funded group that focuses on women’s health care offers initial screenings and refers women to other providers who perform mammograms.

McCaskill, Akin trade jabs in final debate

Sen. Claire McCaskill and rival Todd Akin faced off in their second and final debate Thursday evening in Clayton, Mo.

Missouri News Horizon
CLAYTON, Mo. — U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill was on the offensive Thursday night during her final debate with her Republican rival, Todd Akin.

At Clayton High School, less than three weeks from election day, McCaskill took issue with dozens of Akin’s previous votes – some of which dealing with raising his own pay, others dealing with opposing federal funds for school lunches – all as she attempts to define Akin to Missouri voters as too “extreme.”

Viewers May Receive Greatest Benefit in Presidential Town Hall Debate‏

COLUMBIA, Mo. – On Tuesday night, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will meet on the debate stage for their second presidential debate, but this time they will not be alone.


The candidates will be joined by dozens of “undecided” citizens eager to interrogate the two men.

Akin ahead of McCaskill in recent poll

A Republican-leaning polling group finds Republican Congressman Todd Akin ahead of incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

Wenzel Strategies gives Akin a 49 to 45 percent margin over McCaskill in a sample of 1-thousand likely voters.

Biden debate performance “Offensive”

Photo courtsey esquire.com
Missouri News Horizon

Former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, said Thursday night that he felt Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance was offensive.

This evening's Vice Presidential debate presents unique challenges for Biden and Ryan

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, Official Photos

Timothy Wall, COLUMBIA, Mo. – With near record viewership for the first presidential debate, expectations are now unusually high for the one and only vice presidential debate on Oct. 11 between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan.

Women’s health care a defining issue in Senate race

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (Photo & story: Missouri News Horizon)

CAMDENTON, Mo. — Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has made women’s health care issues a pillar of her reelection campaign, and, in an electorate that so vocally touts its opposition to abortion, has been surprisingly successful.

Hollywood loves ‘The Obama Show’

By M.D. Kittle  Wisconsin Reporter
Morgan Freeman isn’t dead. And his wallet is wide open for Barack Obama.

Morgan Freeman has donated more than $1 million to a Super PAC working to re-elected President Obama.

Last month, the Academy Award-winning actor who has narrated everything from prison escapes to penguin odysseys to the running movie in my head suffered the Mark Twain effect – The report of his death was an exaggeration.

Presidential Debate - A Preview... Taxes and Energy

Pictured left, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
White House Photo
Pictured right, Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan

Romney for President Photo

By Kaylin Bade

The first of three Presidential debates between Republican Party nominee Governor Mitt Romney and Democratic Party nominee President Barack Obama will be held this evening at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado.  The Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor of the news program “NewsHour” will host and moderate the debate for the 12th time.

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