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Akin embarks on statewide bus tour

Missouri News Horizon (photo)

COLUMBIA, Mo. — With renewed support from some national conservatives, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin hit the campaign trail this week to reenergize supporters behind his embattled campaign.

About two dozen supporters showed up for a campaign event at the Republican Party “Victory” office in Columbia on Thursday. Earlier in the day, a couple supporters showed up for a campaign rally, turned press conference at the state capitol in Jefferson City.

Missouri one of the top states for election contributions this year

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog
ST. LOUIS – If you were to guess which states had the most campaign contributions in this election cycle, you’d probably name off California, Texas, Illinois and New York.

But would you have thought Missouri would rank right below them?

Crazy or not Akin not giving up his U.S. Senate candidacy

-Despite everyone and their brother along with the Republican leadership urging him to give up his U.S. Senate candidacy.  Todd Akin is either a genius or crazy because Tuesday afternoon Akin said he would not step out of the senate race and has passed the deadline to remove his name from the ballot on his own.

Now to remove his name, he would have until six weeks before the election to receive a court order and pay a penalty if ballots have been printed.

Mitt Romney announces Paul Ryan as VP Running Mate

Official House of Representatives Photo

Boston, MA
- Mitt Romney today announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

QUICK ELECTION SUMMARY: Results of closely watched races

Overall voter turnout was slightly higher than officials had expected with a 25% turnout compared to 2008's 21% turnout.

State election results and updates

Missouri News Horizon
Jefferson City, Mo.
- In that three way u.s. senate primary…Todd Akin has pulled to about a nine thousand vote lead over Sarah Steelman with John Brunner falling off the pace.. the winner faces incumbent democrat Claire McCaskill in November.

In the republican race for governor…St, Louis businessman Dave Spence has already picked up the endorsement of the republican governor’s association as he will win over Kansas City lawyer Bill Tandles. It will be spence against Jay Nixon in November.

Franklin County Commissioner 1st District unofficially Wilson voted out of office - Brinker elected

* Tim Baker
* Ron Keeven
* Terry Wilson (Incumbent)
* Tim Brinker

Michael Schatz elected Commissioner 2nd District

* Jerry Landing
* Mark Falloon
* Gary Young
* Ted Diez
* Michael Schatz

Debbie Aholt unofficially wins by 74 votes for FC Treasurer

* Debbie Aholt
* Greg Toelke
* Jesse Marts

Gary Toelke unofficially wins in landslide

* Gary Toelke
* Gary Getman

VOTER TURNOUT UPDATE: Live coverage of today's primary election

New Haven, Mo. – We will have complete coverage of the County Commissioners 1st and 2nd District race.

TURNOUT UPDATE: 5:28 p.m. - New Haven total - 281 - 24% turnout thus far.

We just spoke with Deputy County Clerk Jane Luechtefeld who has visited several precincts throughout the day.

Luechtefeld said, “I have been to several precincts around the county and the general consciences has been that we have had a low voter turnout thus far."

BREAKING ELECTION NEWS: Important information about Right To Pray Amendment on today's ballot

Missouri News Horizon
Jefferson City, Mo. - Part of the so-called Right to Pray amendment on the ballot today would allow a student to refuse to do an assignment given to them by a teacher if the subject matter violates the student’s religious beliefs.

Lawmaker wants to raffle AR-15 assault rifle to raise campaign money.

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog
– A Missouri lawmaker wants to raffle off a an AR-15 assault rifle to raise campaign money.

The raffle raises obvious questions about discretion and sensitivity. It may miss some legal targets, as well.

It’s the same model gun used two weeks ago in the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were killed and 58 were hurt. James Eagan Holmes, 24, is charged in the shootings.

Ed Martin republic candidate for AG visits Washington Missouri

Ed Martin speaks to a group of supports on Friday in Washington, Mo.
Photos by Kyle Quick

Washington, Mo. –  Ed Martin, Republican candidate for Attorney General stopped in Washington, Mo as he began his campaign against the incumbent Chris Koster.  Martin is highly favored to win the republican nomination in Tuesday’s primaries.

Baker and Keeven answer questions about their campaigns

Pictured left is Tim Baker and right is Ron Keeven.

New Haven, Mo. – The race for Franklin County Commissioner, First District is expected to be a close one.  Three candidates, Tim Baker, Ron Keeven, and Tim Brinker are trying to knock of the 12-year incumbent Terry Wilson, who has said this will be his last term if elected.

There is no one on the democratic ticket, making next Tuesday’s election (on August 7) the deciding factor; whether incumbent Terry Wilson will remain in office or if there will be a new commissioner for the first time in 12 years.

Claiming primary momentum, Brunner blasts Akin over earmarks

Missouri News Horizon
John Brunner greets supporters before a debate in St. Louis on July 6, 2012. (PoliticMo Photo)

- U.S. Senate hopeful John Brunner is launching a series of new television ads critical of rival Todd Akin for his use of earmarks during his tenure in Congress and critical of their mutual rival, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, for her own ads meddling in a Republican primary.

Romney rallies supporters in Missouri

By: Eli Yokley

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Days after securing Missouri’s presidential delegates, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney visited the state Thursday, his first visit since securing the party’s nomination.

Speaking at Production Products, a minority owned defense manufacturing firm in north St. Louis, Romney said under President Obama’s leadership, the economy has not improved fast enough.

Romney to campaign in St. Louis on Thursday

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will be in St. Louis on Thursday for his first campaign event in Missouri as the party’s presumptive nominee.

Romney will visit Production Products, a St. Louis based defense production company, Thursday afternoon.

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