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Trick-or-Treat Trivia!

Halloween Trivia... just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

What does a skeleton order for supper? Spare ribs!

We hope these riddles will tickle your funny bone!

DIY Quick Halloween Costumes

"A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween."  -Erma Bombeck

Halloween is now less than a week away, are you still looking for that perfect costume?  We have some quick ideas for you, using items that are most likely already in your home!


Camp Trinity hosts 22nd Annual Joe Bill Wilderness Running Camp

New Haven, Mo. – This past week Camp Trinity hosted the 22nd Joe Bill Dixon’s Wilderness Running Camp.  Earlier this week we wrote an article about the legendary cross-country coach, Joe Bill Dixon.  Dixon told QNHN, “I do these camps because I love to teach."

Legendary Cross-Country coach hosting running camp at Camp Trinity

Coach JB Dixon talks about leadership to campers at Camp Trinity on Tuesday.

Photos courtesy of Ruth Rethemeyer
By Kyle Quick:

West Plains High School’s Cross-Country Coach, Joe Bill (JB) Dixon, is considered one of the greatest coaches in the history of cross-country.  The Dixon dynasty began in 1978 when he was hired as the Physical Education teacher.

Quick News Special: "Looking Back: A Group of Guys and an Idea"

By Kyle Quick

In 1963 the New Haven Jaycees hosted the first New Haven Youth Fair, thanks to a group of individuals and others who have followed their lead made 2012 number 50.

The late Leonard Brautigam honored at Franklin County Fair

Union, Mo. – Friday evening, prior to the start of the Truck and Tractor Pull at the Franklin County Fair, farm tractors began parading onto the track, lining up side-by-side, while fair board members gathered together at the center of the track.

2012 actually marks the 50th Anniversary thanks to one man's idea and perfect timing

Correction:  Mrs. McDonald contacted us this morning and the 2012 Youth Fair wil be the 50th anniversary.

New Haven, Mo – The New Haven Youth Fair is less than two weeks away, but have you ever wondered when the first youth fair was held or where the idea came from?

In 1988, an article was published in the New Haven Leader, which was locally owned at the time, entitled “First New Haven Youth Fair was held 25 years ago.”

"I wear my uniform because I am proud of it"

By: Kyle Quick
New Haven, Mo – Staff Sergeant J.D Gilbert said, “I served in the Air Force for the sake of freedom.  I never thought about going to work [Service in the Air Force] just to go.  I thought about going to work so that maybe today, we could get 500 people back doing something to make a living for their families.”

“That was always my intention.”

A Scheer family tradition

Pictured left to right: Rick Scheer, Claire Scheer, Cindy Scheer, Ellie Scheer, Kathy Scheer, and Gene Scheer.

New Haven, MoEugene Scheer’s grandfather purchased a dairy farm in 1897.  The Scheer's Dairy Farm has gone through many changes during the past 115 years from milking cows by hand, to milker units, and now fully automated “robots”…yes, robots!

How closely do you look at your cell phone bill

Several weeks ago we noticed our cell phone bill had increased by 10 dollars.  In reviewing the bill, we found a charge listed as a “ringtone/wallpaper subscription” for $9.99.

We called AT&T, they credited our account and were able to remove the subscription.

While speaking with the customer service representative, she explained several possible reason this may have occurred and what to be cautious of.

Evelyn Branson celebrates 95 years with four generations of her family

Photo by Kyle Quick
Evelyn Branson stands next to her birthday cake among family and friends as they celebrate her 95th birthday.

New Haven could have easily folded

Ray Steinhoff talks about Hall of Fame induction in a candid interview with QNHN. - Listen to our conversation

New Haven, Mo - This past Nov. the documentary, Tradition of Excellence – 100 Years of New Haven Basketball was unveiled.  After the premier on Fri., Nov. 11, 2011 it was announced that New Haven’s Basketball program would be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, only the second high school to ever receive such an honor.

David Ocheskey - Always and Forever a Shamrock Fan

Pictured above is a new look in New Haven High School's cafeteria floor, funding in the memory of David Ocheskey

David Ocheskey had three loves in his life; his wife, Mary Ocheskey, his family, and watching his grandchildren play sports at New Haven High School.

World's first captive Ozark Hellbender breeding at the St. Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Department of Conservation Announce World's First Captive Breeding of Ozark Hellbenders-Salamander Numbers Drastically Down in the Wild

Decade-Long Collaboration of Zoo and Federal, State Scientists Yields 63 Baby Hellbenders

It’s a sad and familiar scene as Missouri vets return for duty in National Guard

Photos and story by Tim Sampson
Missouri News Horizon

Marine Leroy Hahne Memorial Service - An American hero and a hero to the New Haven Community

Vietnam veteran Leroy Hahne passed away Wed., August 3, 2011 at the age of 66 after a battle with cancer.  Hahne enlisted into the Marine Corp in 1961 and served during the Vietnam Conflict until 1964.

Sunday afternoon, a memorial service was held at the American Legion Hall Post 366 to celebrate Hahne’s life and to honor him for serving his country; but more so for serving his community.


COVER STORY: What one woman has experienced in the past 106 years

Pictured from left to right: Viola Van Leer and Marvin Van Leer
In 1905, the average worker made only 12 dollars a week, a gallon of milk cost less than 30 cents, and a 12 day cruise was just 60 dollars.  It was not until the 1920’s before most people had electricity, particularly those who lived in rural areas.

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