Running across USA The TC Project

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Mission accomplished with stroller in hand

Pictured on the right is Jeff Perez with family and friends after reaching Huntington Beach, Ca.

BREAKING NEWS: Stroller Tracker -- Jeff Perez stopped runner at 11 a.m. in Huntington Beach, Ca

Family, friends, and stroller celebrate with Jeff Perez after accomplishing his goal.

Transcontinental Project: Stroller Tracker Update 3 - 500 miles left

Nov 6 – In the last update from Jeff Perez’s journey across America, he had ran 1,623 miles in 52 days. Tonight on day 79, in Heber-Overgaard, Az Perez is 2,794 miles from where his journey began, still pushing the famous stroller and a little over 500 miles away from completing what he had set out to do.

Running across America with a stroller -- Fighting adversity

Photos by Kyle Quick
Pictured left to right: Kyle Quick and Jeff Perez before he continues another day. 

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