Where is a Shamrock

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Down on the Farm: VFC-12 pilot and wife combine careers with farm life

When he’s not flying for the “Omars” of VFC-12, Lt. Zach Zuroweste and his wife Tiffany keep very busy on their six-acre farm in Chesapeake, where they have rescued dozens of injured and sick animals, including many of the chickens, turkeys and ducks in this photo, as well as geese and goats. Photo by Harry Gerwien, Military Newspapers of Virginia.

By Cathy Heimer, Jet Observer

--Six o’clock and it’s dinner time at Lt. Zach and Tiffany Zuroweste’s Chesapeake home. But this isn’t a typical family scene that might be expected for the 33-year-old naval aviator and his 31-year-old wife. Instead of the expected high chairs or toddler meals, the couple is busy filling feed buckets, as nearly 100 chickens, a few ducks, geese, turkeys and two milking goats follow their every move from the house out to the barn.

UPDATE: Keep an eye in the sky -- Zach Zuroweste doing a flyover of New Haven

Photo by Lori Quick of Zach Zuroweste's F/A 18 as he flew over the town of New Haven.

We have just been informed that New Haven native and Fighter Pilot Zach Zuroweste will be flying his F/A 18 into Spirit of St. Louis airport.  Zuroweste will be flying over New Haven between 12:20 and 12:40.

Where in the world is a Shamrock? - Zach Zuroweste UPDATE

Pictured above Zach Zuroweste before taking his last flight.

Where in the world is a Shamrock--In the middle of Hurricane Irene

By Brittany Menke-Technical Writer

Photos courtesy of the West Windsor Police Department.

Where in the world is a Shamrock?

Have you ever wondered where or what a fellow classmate of yours from high school is doing these days?  During your high school days I am sure you had an opinion or an idea of what a fellow classmate of yours would end up doing after high school.

Where in the world is a Shamrock? - Zach Zuroweste

Zach Zuroweste
is a 1997 graduate of New Haven High School.  Today he flys the F/A –18 and is aboard the USS George H W Bush CVN 77 somewhere in the North Arabian Gulf.  He is currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Pirate Suppression Operations.

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