Letters to Editor

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Our country was built on Christianity...Has that been forgotten

By Shari Panhorst

This is in reference to the "MEDIA IS TOO BIASED"  letter printed last week in the Missourian.

I couldn't agree more that the media is WAY too biased, from all the local news channels to talk shows and late night comedians.  However I feel that the author is quite confused on which way they are biased.

LETTER TO EDITOR: Disagree with low income housing complex

Dear Editor,

I live across from an apartment complex that has way less than 40 occupants and until you see what happens around these places you have no idea.

Sure there are good people living there, but I have spent too many nights waking up to sirens, people cussing, fighting, partying, or people honking their vehicles for someone they are picking up and squealing tires as they leave.

QuickNewHavenNews an asset to this community

By: Melissa Venardos

Do you want to know what the roads look like after a snow?  Do you want to know where the smoke is coming from on Hwy KK?  Do you want to know what those sirens are all about?

Do you want to know why you don’t have water this morning?  Do you want to know if its raining outside?   Do you want to know if there will be travel delays on Hwy 100 when MoDot is working on the highway?

LETTER TO EDITOR: Kyle speaks to our writer's workshop class

By Alison Long

Thursday morning, Kyle Quick was the guest speaker for the Grades 5-9 Summer School Writer's Workshop.  He taught us many skills to become a good writer.

LETTER TO EDITOR: The state of New Haven's Little League

By Jason Pilarski

I am writing about the state of New Haven Little League (NHLL).  First and foremost, I am not writing this for anything personal towards my wife's uncle, Gary Williman, but I am writing this to hopefully help better our towns little league.

In late March of this year the head of NHLL wrote a letter to the editor to a local newspaper that was directed towards me, yet it should have been directed towards my wife because she is the one that wanted to coach.  I held back on a response to that letter to hopefully give NHLL the benefit of the doubt that maybe it could be better than last year.

Just a matter of time before we prevail against heart disease.

Dear Editor:

Mercy Hospital Washington hosted the 2012 Heart to Heart Fair February 4 to raise awareness about heart disease during National Heart Health Month. We offered educational booths, presentations on heart health and medical screenings – including good and bad cholesterol checks – with free consultations from Mercy physicians.  This year we introduced a Kids’ Zone to help us match our theme, “Heart Health for All Ages” and introduced our new stroke services to the community.

Letter to editor - New Haven girls' basketball program will excel too

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the New Haven High School boys’ basketball program, the team members, the coaches and all those involved, for its induction into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. It’s a wonderful honor, and I feel pride in my hometown for being one of only two in the state that have ever been recognized in that way.

Thank you for saving my husband's life

I would like to thank David Burke with the New Haven Police Department, the Franklin County Deputies, New Haven Berger Fire Department, New Haven Ambulance, Franklin County 911 Dispatchers and Kyle Quick with QuickNewHavenNews for literally saving Harvey's life.

On Tues., Jan. 30, 2012 my husband, Harvey Summers, who has Alzheimer’s, went for his daily walk.  He wears a GPS tracking device that keeps me informed on my computer where he is.

A Thank you...

By Melissa Venardos

With the beginning of the 2012 New Year and the close of candidacy for the city of New Haven’s municipal election, I sit pondering my Aldermanic Ward 2 seat.

Thrity minutes of my life I will forever cherish

Nathan White is a sixth generation row crop and cattle farmer from Carroll County Missouri.

He is a graduate from University of Missouri of Agriculture, and active in his community by serving on his church board, Ray County Farm Bureau President, and Agriculture Leaders of Tomorrow Class 14 member.

Below he describes about a brief moment he will forever cherish.

Letter to the edior -- Asking drivers to obey speed limit on Olive Street

The posted speed limit on the streets is 25mph, however several residents of our town don't or won't obey this law.

Railroad Blues

By Melissa Venardos

New Haven IS the railroad.  It is unique in that all of downtown is on the north side of the tracks, unlike other communities in this area.  Not having that railroad’s song  would be like having a marching band without drums... a Greek salad without feta cheese... a Shamrock basketball game without green t-shirts.

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