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Power prices could rise again, on top of Ameren rate hike

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog

ST. LOUIS — Customers of Ameren Missouri will be paying $120 a year more for electricity, and higher rates are on the horizon.

The Missouri Public Service Commission earlier this week OK’d Ameren’s rate increase that will hike residential bills an average of $10 a month.

But the PSC has yet to act on a proposal to create a separate rate class for low-income power customers, which could cause bills to increase even more for those not in that lower rate class.


The fun side of Black Friday you never see

Kohl's officially kicks off Black Friday, actually on Friday.
Photos by Kyle Quick

Washington, Mo. – Kohl’s was the only store who actually stuck to the tradition of Black Friday, waiting to open their doors until midnight, while other stores such as Wal-Mart and Target attempted to begin a new tradition of the so called Pre-Black Friday.

Kohl's shoppers stand in line over three hours for the "Deals and Kohl's Cash"

This photo was taken over an hour before Kohl's opened at Midnight.  The line eneded up extending past the back side of the store.
Photo by Kyle Quick

Washington, Mo. – We asked several shoppers while they stood inline waiting for Kohl’s to open their doors and officially kick of Black Friday.  Kohl’s was actually the only store that had a line of people itching to take advantage of Black Friday “deals”.

Here are what Kohl’s shoppers had to say:

How do you describe a buck of this size

Pictured is Zach Busher.

Chamois, Mo. - There is no better way to wrap up our big buck photo collection for the 2012 deer season than a buck like this.

If deer hunting was this easy - Coble tags first buck from porch of cabin

Pictured: Scott Coble tags his first buck.

The end of deer season is quickly approaching with Tues., Nov. 20 the last day for hunters to try and make their 2012 hunt a memorable one.

Every year you hear all kinds of hunting stories, which generally are slightly exaggerated, but for one hunter there was nothing inflated about his story

(Below are photos of some big bucks tagged over the weekend.  If you have a monster you would like to show off send us a photo so we can add it to our 2012 big buck hunters.)

Thanksgiving dinner cost continues to rise

Missouri News Horizon
Your Thanksgiving turkey will cost a little more this year…and that will make your feast a little more expensive overall.

Since 2010 the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal has increased by $6.91.

MO: Jobless numbers down, but which figure should you cite?

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog
— Unemployment figures in Missouri and the nation are either greatly improving or terribly misleading, depending on whom you believe.

The Best of Oktoberfest 2012

By Kyle Quick
Hermann, Mo.
– You never know what you will see at Oktoberfest especially in Hermann, Mo.  We ran into some interesting people who defiantly were having a good time.

In fact we had a couple spontaneously get married.  Well they didn’t actually get married but it was funny to watch.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Oktoberfest 2012 - The experienced and amateur wine drinkers

The experienced wine drinkers.

Hermann, Mo – Oktoberfest is a time of year when friends come together at one of the dozen winners around the area for a relaxing afternoon of wine and fellowship, while others use Oktoberfest as a reason to party hard.

You have two kinds of wine drinkers, the experienced and the amateurs.

Catching a dream, the hunt of a lifetime

Patricia Noelke, 15, of New Haven has loved to hunt and fish her entire life.  Just like many girls her age from our rural area, Patricia has actively participated in these sports since she was seven years old.  However, unlike her peers, she has had to cope with congenital disorders, Spina Bifida and Hydrocepalus, her entire life and has no movement in her lower extremities. 

Generous businesses and individuals make Claire's wish come true

Julie Strubberg demonstrates how the Amtrke works

By Kyle Quick
New Haven, Mo. - Claire Scheer, daughter of Rick and Cindy Scheer, was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome shortly after birth.  Aicardi manifests through impaired mobility, low muscle tone, visual and sensory disturbances, and seizure disorders.

CMT's Redneck Rehab 'The Purdy Family'

Mishele Purdy from blue jeans and t-shirt to stiletto heels and short skirts.
Photos courtesy of CMT

--Seven years ago when Mishele Purdy left her hometown, Berger, Mo, she traded in her camo, rifle, and country ways for stiletto heels, dresses and a lifestyle focusing on her appearance in Miami, Florida.

Washington, MO rules the Barbeque World

WASHINGTON, MO - This past weekend, B&B BBQ & Catering and Shake ‘N Bake BBQ competed in the 33rd Annual American Royal. It’s the World’s largest bbq contest and both teams brought home major wins.

Linda Seiner featured artist at Zia Gallery - Hopes to touch breast cancer survivors through her art

Pictured: Linda Seiner standing next to one of her paintings on display this month at Zia Gallery

By: Kyle Quick

Linda Seiner is a two-time survivor of breast cancer.  Seiner was first diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago and less than two years later defeated her bout with breast cancer for a second time.

Seiner said, “ After being diagnosed for the second time I began doing art to express the emotions and feelings I was going through when I really couldn’t express them verbally.”

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

Americans have memorized the title poem in elementary school for years, but how many facts about the voyage are actually remembered as we observe Columbus Day?



Pro-Life supporters from local area join in National Life Chain

Sunday afternoon, supporters of Pro-Life lined Highway 100 as part of the National Life Chain.

Photos by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – Each year on the first Sunday in October, Life Chains are formed throughout cities and towns across North America by those who are against abortion and believe in the “Right to Life”.

Charter Communications moving corporate headquarters out of Missouri

— The nation’s fourth largest cable operator is moving its headquarters out of Missouri.

Charter Communications announced Tuesday they are relocating their corporate headquarters from St. Louis, Mo., to Stamford, Connecticut, moving nearly 200 jobs out of Missouri.

Study shows Missouri slow job growth forecast

Missouri News Horizon

News Brief - A new study shows Missouri’s economy will grow slowly over the next six months. That’s the opinion of Creighton University’s Economic Forecasting Group.

2012’s most experienced voter may be Grandma Eva

Eva Reeder: Ready for her 19th presidential election.

By Scott Reeder |
SPRINGFIELD, IL – You’re not likely to find a more experienced voter in this year’s election than my grandmother.

At age 102, she has lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, 18 presidents and seen more Illinois politicians indicted than Bayer has aspirin.

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