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Top Stories of 2011 - NUMBER 1 - A $5,000 Skippy Dream come true

Our final and top story of 2011 is about one man who has never given up or refused to back down from challenges he has endured in his life.

We hope this story motivates you to never back down, overcome adversity, and let nothing in life stand in your way from accomplishing anything.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 2 - Blaze on Diedrich Road

Above is a picture six month later after fire ripped through the garage causing major damage.

Our number two story of 2011 was team coverage with of the "Blaze on Diedrich Rd." back in June of this year.

Here is the timeline along with photos and video of the "Blaze on Diedrich Rd."

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 3 - Two men's love for New Haven basketball

Today we count down the top three stories of 2011, beginning with the passion and appreciation two men have for New Haven Basketball.

New Haven’s community is well known for supporting the New Haven School District, not just in sports but the school as a whole.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 5 - The day a legend retires from NHHS

New Haven High School has been very blessed to have some of the best teachers, the kind of teachers every school wishes they had.  Almost all of the high school teachers have been teaching at New Haven for several decades, which is not only great for the school but the community as well.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 6 - The Rally Squirrel Returns

Every year at New Haven High School during Halloween there is a competition on who has the best costume.  This is not a breaking news type of story or something you would read in the paper.  In fact, no one will even remember who the winner was next year.

The irony behind this story is why we choose it as one of our top stories of the year.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 5.5 - Recognizing the accomplishments of a New Haven Graduate

As we approach the number one story of 2011, it has become more and more difficult deciding on what stories to feature in our count down.

Top Stories 2011- Number 7 – Two friends plus a short conversation equals 22nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Race

During this year’s Hot Air Balloon Race, we teamed up with Pepsi to bring complete coverage.  During our flight in the Pepsi Can Balloon, we streamed live video to give everyone a chance to see New Haven from high in the sky.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 8

Pictured from left to right: Viola Van Leer and Marvin Van Leer

Our eighth top story of 2011 is one conversation we will never forget.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 9 - An achievement worth a 1,000 words

Since girls basketball had begun in 1997 only three players had ever scored 1,000 points during their high school career at New Haven.

Pictured left: Oetterer scores points 1,000 and 1,001.

On Wed., Nov. 30, 2011 Kayla Oetterer became the fourth player to reach such a milestone, forever leaving her mark on the New Haven Girl’s Basketball Program.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 10 - McNair Street blaze

During the past six months we have covered and written stories ranging from how the Annual Hot Air Balloon race began, to delivering breaking news as it was happening, such as the house fire on Sept. 8 on McNair Street, which is number 10 for Top Stories of 2011.

Top Stories of 2011 - Here is Number 11 for 2011 - "Priceless

What priceless moment, when a soldier's daughter runs to him after missing her daddy for months and to have that moment all on video.

See the "Priceless" vdieo below.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 12

Number 12 - Students amazed by phone book torn in half.

Pictured left: Megan Bauer and Kiestin Monzyk each hold on to one end of a steal rod and are lifted up.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 13

Number 13 – Everyone has a different perspective on life as they grow in age, for one person, turning 70 meant taking on new challenges.

Janice Cutright did just that and refused to let her age determine what she could or could not do.

Top Stories of 2011 - Number 14

Let the countdown begin of the top 14 stories we have published this year.

At the end of a year everyone always looks back at things that have happened.  For some people 2011 will have been one of the worse years in their life, for others the best year of their life.

Six months of coverage - Looking back at one of our first stories - NHPD police chase video

It is hard to believe that QNHN has been online for a little over six months.  I guess the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” is true.  We would like to thank all of our advertisers and especially you, the reader.

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