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Infamous Enoch's Knob bridge soon to be demolished

Photos and story by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – When the name “Enoch’s Knob” is mentioned people immediately think of a 100-year-old bridge spanning across Boeuff Creek and stories that lie within it’s history.  Rumors that ghost dogs, spirits, trolls, and other imps live or stay near the bridge have made Enoch’s Knob bridge famous and popular among Ghost Hunters.

Expect delays on Highway 100 from New Haven to Franklin/Gasconade line

Photos by Kyle Quick.
New Haven, Mo
– Monday morning, with little notice, MoDot crews began working on Highway 100 between Miller Street and Douglas Street.

Several weeks ago we reported MoDot crews were scheduled to have already began pavement work; this was according to MoDot’s website.

Lower gas prices not a good sign for the economy

The average cost for a gallon of gas in St. Louis has dropped 20 cents over the past week to $3.12 as of Tue. June 26.  In New Haven, drivers are paying $3.09 per gallon compared to the state average of $3.23.

Drivers may be liking the lower gas prices, but Triple A gas price analyst Mike Right says low prices “aren’t such a good sign for the economy”.

MoDot extends time frame for Highway 100 resurfacing pavement


New Haven, Mo - Last week, according to MoDot posted the timeframe (June 22 – 29) for their resurfacing pavement project on Highway 100 from Washington, Mo west to the Franklin-Gasconade County line.  This has since been extended through July 6.  More information listed below.

State Rep Schieffer wants concealed guns allowed on public transportation

Missouri News Horrizon
. - A Missouri lawmaker wants to allow people with conceal and carry permits to take their weapons on public transportation.

State Rep. Ed Schieffer, D-Troy, says people he represents feel threatened when they have to use public transportation in large cities and that they should have the right to protect themselves if necessary.

Governor breaks ground for new railroad bridge

Missouri News Horizon
– Gov. Jay Nixon has broken ground for a new bridge that should help the flow of passenger rail traffic across the state.

The new bridge on the Union Pacific rail lines across the Osage River east of Jefferson City will alleviate the last bottleneck along the line between Jefferson City and St. Louis by the end of 2013. Currently, trains along the line are funneled from two tracks down to one to cross the Osage in eastern Cole County, at times creating delays for freight and passenger trains alike.

Traffic deaths on the rise in Missouri

Missouri News Horizon

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. After six straight years of decline, traffic accident deaths are on the rise in Missouri.

Missouri House passes legislaion - Read in english or don't drive

MissouriNews Horizon JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri House of Representatives Thursday passed legislation that would require state driver’s license examinations, written and driving, be given in English only.

It marks the second year in a row the Republican dominated House of Representatives has moved the bill forward. A similar measure died in the state Senate last year.

Senate to standardize the length of time lights stay yellow

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A Missouri Senator with notoriously pointed views on traffic signals, has passed a bill through the state Senate to standardize the length of time lights stay yellow at intersections throughout the state.

MODOT Director urges congress to make I-70 a toll road

Missouri News Horizon

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - MODOT Director Kevin Keith says if something drastic isn’t done to fix or rebuild I-70 across Missouri, in 20 years the road will “become a gravel parking lot.”

Travel by car for the Holidays - Cheaper and safer

Missouri News Horizon

Important Things to Remember When Driving in Snow

Winter weather calls for drivers to make adjustments! The Missouri State Highway Patrol encourages motorists to plan ahead and drive safely or not at all during inclement weather.

MODOT says bridge projects ahead of schedule

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- It looks like MoDOT’s campaign to fix 802 of the state’s worst bridges is going to come to an end early.

MoDOT Director Kevin Keith told the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight tha the department’s Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Project was running ahead of schedule, and all of the plan’s projects will be complete in about three and a half years.

MoDOT director Kevin Keith urges lawmakers to make I-70 a Toll Way

Kevin Keith, a director of MODOT, presenting his department's annual accountability report to Missouri lawmakers at the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight hearing on Wednesday. Photo by Taein Park (Missouri News Horizon)

Amtrak ridership continues steady increase

Missouri News Horizon
. -- MoDOT officials say increased on-time performance is leading to more people traveling the state by rail.

Michelle Teel, the multi-modal operations director for the agency told a House committee Thursday that ridership on Amtrak is up by 16 percent over last year. Teel said the increase continues a five year trend.

ROADWORK ALERT: Expect delays on Hwy 100 between Hwy E and Hwy 185 this week

MODOT will begin asphalt pavement repair work on Route 100 between Route E and Route 185, Mon., Oct 17th. (Tomorrow)

Working hours will be 7:30 AM - 4 PM. This will be a one lane flagging operation. Work is expected to take 3-4 days. The contractor will be NB West who is a subcontractor for Pace Construction on this project.

Bio-diesel backers bullish on increased gas mileage targets

Misouri News Horizon
-- The bio-diesel industry is excited about the new gas mileage targets announced by the Obama administration. Joe Jobe, the president of the National Bio-diesel Board headquartered in Jefferson City, says new diesel powered cars are getting 40 miles per gallon and above, and diesel engines continue to improve in efficiency.

Missouri wins share of Midwestern railway grant

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- MISSOURI NEWS HORIZON -- Brand new passenger cars will soon be traversing the Amtrak rails between St. Louis in Kanas City, as it was announced Wednesday that Missouri will be sharing a $268 million federal railway development award with three other Midwestern states.


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