UPDATED: House fire in Berger, Mo - One firefigther transported by ambulance

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Reporting by:
Jeff Noedel and Kyle Quick
Written by Brian Chorley

Photos by Jeff Noedel

7:15 p.m.: Chief Wayne Carl told CNL that the fire is mainly under control with one minor "hot spot" that they are still working on. Market St. will remain closed, but some firefighters will be leaving the scene.

ABOVE: First photo of the fire, approx. 5:25 p.m., before the first fire hose was pulled off the trucks

7:00 p.m.: CNL estimates about two dozen firefighters (about 16 from New Haven-Berger and about 8 from Hermann) were on the scene this afternoon and evening as the fire is just about out at 7:00 p.m.   Ameren Missouri was on the scene to cut the power to the house and another New Haven EMS crew has arrived to help with the firefighters overcome by heat.  As many as six on-duty paramedics (3 from Hermann and 3 from New Haven) worked the scene.

The fire is well under control and the Hermann Vol. Fire Dept. is packing up to leave the scene.

Market St. in Berger remains closed for now.

6:55 p.m.: One firefighter has been transported from the scene to a local hospital for heat related issues. A fifth firefighter is now being treated as he was overcome by the heat, as well.

RIGHT: Former Berger firefighter Opie Bruckerhoff lending a hand with the 2nd fire hose while active firefighters were still on the way to the scene

Jim Schuhmacher, Special Investigator with the Franklin County Prosecutor's office, is now on the scene.  Schuhmacher is the county-level official who investigates some fires.

CNL has learned that a neighbor of the burned house saw a truck, possibly owned by the new owner of the house, was at the house earlier in the day doing repairs.

Having used-up one air tank, Kyle Quick has come out of the structure and has gotten out of the fire gear.  Quick came out of the building at about 6:50 p.m.

6:45 p.m.: The fire scene is under command of New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District Chief Wayne Carl and is being assisted by the Hermann Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief Dave Schulte and First Asst. Chief Bruce Cox. With normal weekend activities, it took many of the volunteer fire fighters a while to arrive. One of the first to respond was former New Haven-Berger firefighter Opie Bruckerhoff who ran the second hose until additional active firefighters arrived.

Also helping with the fire was off-duty paramedic and retired firefighter Kyle Quick. He was on the scene for QuickNewHavenNews when Brad Maune had to be relieved for heat related issues. Quick suited up with an oxygen tank and went into the structue until just about 6:50 p.m.

LEFT:  Firefighters from New Haven arrive.  Before long, firefighters from all three New Haven-Berger houses (#1 New Haven, #3 Stony Hill, and #5 Berger) were fighting the fire

6:35 p.m.:
A vacant residence located at 310 Market St. in Berger caught fire this afternoon. John Wilding, of Hermann, Mo., was leaving a Wilding family reunion at St. Paul Catholic Church when he notice heavy smoke coming out of the eves of the house and the southern chimney. He immediately called 911 and the New Haven-Berger Fire Protection Dist. responded.  The first dispatches to New Haven-Berger Fire and Hermann EMS went out at about 5:22 p.m.

QuickNewHavenNews.com publisher Kyle Quick (pictured below), who is a full-time paramedic with Hermann EMS (off duty today) and a former volunteer firefighter with New Haven-Berger, has suited-up in fire gear and oxygen mask and is assisting with firefighting inside the burning structure.  Quick offered to help after several firefighters became overheated and before mutual aid help arrived from Hermann.  Quick went into the building at about 6:15 p.m.

The house has been vacant for three or four months, and apparently was recently purchased.

Since the firefighters have been engaged in this structure fire, no less than four of them were overcome with heat exhaustion and were treated on location by the two paramedic crews also working the scene.

Original report: The New Haven-Berger Volunteer Fire Dept. is on the scene of a structure fire in the 300 block of Market Street in Berger, Mo. CountyNewsLIVE.com and QuickNewHavenNews.com are also at the scene working to get you all the details.

BELOW:  One of five firefighters who had trouble with the heat being helped down a ladder.  One young firefighter was eventually transported to a local E.R.

ABOVE:  New Haven-Berger firefighter and station officer Brad
Maune (seated), himself having become overheated, holding
IV pouch in the air while a paramedic monitors the blood pressure
of a young firefighter who was eventually transported by Hermann
EMS to a local E.R.

ABOVE:  Firefighters use a gas-powered circular saw to cut
holes in the roof to shoot water into the attic

ABOVE:  Hermann 1st Assistant Chief Bruce Cox (standing)

ABOVE:  Hermann Fire Chief Dave Schulte (left) and New Haven-Berger Chief Wayne Carl assess the situation toward the end of the firefighting, near 7:00 p.m.

BELOW:  Pack-up at the scene and clean-up at the firehouses adds hours more to a typical structure fire call.  After fighting a structure fire for 2 to 4 hours on the scene, an additional 1 or 2 hours can be spent cleaning equipment, replenishing supplies, and showering and changing back into dry clothes.  Clean-up time, like training time, are parts of the job of being a volunteer firefighter.