2011 Hermann Oktoberfest going out with a bang

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Photo and Story by Jeff Noedel

Saturday 9:00 PM:  "Wildness" has not materialized so far tonight at the usual hot spots.

One factor may be the Cardinals game on bar TV sets.  Many visitors have been consumed by the Cardinals strong showing tonight against Texas.  Maybe a celebration will be in order in the 10:00 o'clock hour?

Saturday 5:00 PM:  Today's bus-count appears to be the highest of all four 2011 Oktoberfest Saturdays.  Many happy people and Hermann's open container law are keeping 2 dozen Hermann regular and reserve police officers busy.

As is typical of the 5:00 o'clock hour of a busy Oktoberfest afternoon, police are dealing with a number of drunk people.  One woman needed a ride on a police golf cart because she could not walk.  A man stumbled across the Kit Bond Bridge and will be dealt with by a Montgomery County deputy.  One person was found by police lying down in an alley, another on a sidewalk.

It's a tiny fraction of a very large, profitable crowd.  Overall, it's been a quieter day than last Saturday, a day Police Chief Frank Tennant called "wild."