Alert driver prevents roadside fire from turning into large brush fire

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Bystanders were using buckets of water trying to prevent the fire from spreading into a large field off the right.

New Haven, Mo – Thanks to an alert driver, Saturday afternoon’s brush fire could have been much worse.

New Haven/Berger Fire Department responded to the 1300 block of Boeuf Creek Road Saturday afternoon at 2:02 p.m. for a brush fire.

The fire appeared to have started in the far northwest partition of the fenced in area and began spreading south along the roadway.  Fortunately fire crews received some help from Mother Nature, blowing the fire towards the roadway, which acted as a fire brake and prevented it from spreading any further.

The cause of the fire will never be known.  Some speculations are the possibility of someone throwing a cigarette out the window or the electric fence around the area could have contributed to the fire starting.

This is yet another reminder of how easy a fire can be started.  It only takes one person’s careless actions that can result in putting lives and property at danger.

Even though there was much needed rain Saturday evening it is still extremely dry.

The right side of the photo below is where the fire may have started.