UPDATE-ALERT: Identification has been MADE- Franklin County Sheriff's Department - Suspicious vehicle reported

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4:30 p.m. -  It appears that the subject in Franklin County is working for a legitimate company; however, consumers should always be cautious when dealing with companies out of state or that they are not familiar with.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said, "We appreciate the call from the concerned citizen and encourage others to do the same when they observe suspicious activity."

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is asking the public to be on the lookout for a GREY Chevrolet 4 Door Vehicle that was last seen in the Scenic Point subdivision west of Washington, Mo.

A male subject with a foreign accent was accompanied by a female.  The reporting party stated that the subject had an ID type card around his neck.

The suspicious vehicle and male subject had been asking questions about children living in the area and appeared to have knowledge of houses and the number of children living there.  If this vehicle and/or subject(s) are spotted, call 911.

The caller stated that the subject had an ID type card around his neck and was accompanied by a female.  The subject had a foreign accent and was driving a gray Chevrolet 4 door.  The caller provided a license number for the vehicle; however, the number was reportedly not on file with DOR.  Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

Franklin County was notified by the Crawford County, Sheriff’s Office of a similar occurrence in that area.  A local police department in Crawford County located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The occupant was a foreign college student selling children’s’ books.  The vehicle description, however, did not match that of the one observed in Franklin County.

Franklin County authorities ran their vehicle license in several different configurations.  One particular issue came back to a rental agency and had been rented in St. Louis.  The rental agency stated that the subject renting the vehicle was foreign and provided a name.   It is not known at this time if this is subject is related to the call in Crawford County.  Investigators are currently attempting to contact the company employing the subject in Crawford County in an attempt to determine if the name associated with the rental car out of St. Louis works for their agency.  An update will be released as soon as the information is obtained.