Alert neighbor and quick actions prevents brush fire from becoming house fire

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It is easy to see in the photo above how close the fire came to the house.

Berger, Mo – New Haven Berger Fire Department responded at 1:32 p.m. this afternoon to a brush fire that was burning near a residence, approximately two tenths of a mile west of Diederich Road.

An alert neighbor and their quick actions prevented a brush fire from turning into a house fire.

Pictured to the left is how close the fire came.

Fire Chief Wayne Carl said, “There was noone home at the time.  It appears that something caused an area behind the house to catch fire.  The high wind speeds then caused the fire to quickly accelerate towards the residence.”

When fire crews arrived on the scene, the neighbor had found a garden house, and was able to stop the fire from spreading any further.  Carl said, “It was his quick actions and his wife noticing something burning that prevented this from turning into something much worse.”

New Haven Berger Fire crews were on the scene within 10 minutes from the time of the call.  It was their quick response that prevented any type of possible structure damage as well.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office has issued a NO BURN ORDER today due to the excessive high winds.  This is the second brush fire New Haven Berger has responded to this week.  The other one was off Highway B on Monday.