Allen Hale Clay Bird Shoot Benefit -- Another successful fundraiser

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This past Saturday family and friends of the late Vietnam Veteran Allen Hale held the Fourth Annual Clay Bird Shoot Benefit at the Stony Hill Gun Club.  The money raised goes towards the Allen Hale Memorial Scholarship Fund that was established after Hale’s death in February of 2007.

Hale served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam Conflict.  While serving he was exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange that was used to remove unwanted plant life and leaves which otherwise provided cover for enemy forces during the Vietnam Conflict.  Hale’s exposure to Agent Orange was cause of his cancer which subsequently the reason for his death.

Hale worked in bomb dumps, loading bombs onto aircraft while serving in the Air Force.  The rest of Hale’s career was involved in the explosive industry.  He was an Explosive Sales Rep. working with customers in explosives shot design. He would also assist with the engineering and design for brining down large buildings or highway over passes.

Pictured left: Friends of Allen tell stories and remember the great times they all had together.

Because of Hale’s expertise in explosive engineering as well as his contributions to Missouri University Science and Technology in Rolla, MO and part of the reason the University has an Explosive Engineering program.  The family felt there was no better way to honor Hale than establishing a scholarship fund for students majoring in Explosives.

Seven months after Hale’s death, the family was able to give two scholarships with help from Dyno-Nobel.  Each year since they have continued to award two scholarships with the exception of this year, when they were able to award three.  They have awarded a total of 10 scholarships since 2007.

Allen’s wife Marian Hale on behalf of all Allen’s friends and family would like to thank everyone who made donations, participated in this year's benefit and send a special thanks to the following businesses who made contributions for another successful year of the Clay Bird Shot Benefit: Calvin’s Distribution, Quick’s Save-A-Lot, Swiss Meats, Seitter's Market, Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of New Haven, and Lock N Load.

Pictured below: Hale family with two of the three scholarship recipients, pictured in the left front and back right.