Attentive driver prevents possible head on collision

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New Haven, Mo – Earlier this morning at approximately CORRECTION accident occured at 10:20 a.m. New Haven Police responded to the intersection of Highway 100 and Circle Drive for a motor vehicle crash.

According to Assistant Police Chief Dan Terry, the gold colored midsize car was traveling west on Highway 100 when he noticed a silver midsize vehicle traveling east.

The silver vehicle was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Circle Drive, admitting that she did not see the oncoming vehicle.

Thanks to the attentive driver that was traveling west, he swerved to the right and avoiding the on coming vehicle, preventing what could have been a head on collision.

Had it not been for the attentive driver this one car accident could have easily been a head on with the potential of a much worse accident.

The silver car did not sustain any damage.

The driver of the gold vehicle was uninjured and able to drive his car without it having to be towed.