Biden debate performance “Offensive”

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Missouri News Horizon

Former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, said Thursday night that he felt Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance was offensive.

“I thought that the Vice President’s demeanor through much of the debate was inappropriate and off-putting,” Talent said. “I think the polls, as I understand it, show that.”

Talent said Ryan, on the other hand, was “cool” and “thoughtful.”

“He presented the choice before the American people,” he said. “I think he acted like a vice president a whole lot more than the vice president.”

The two had their greatest disagreement on the issue of Libya, where, just a few weeks ago, the American ambassador was killed. Talent said the issue — second only to the economy — will likely be a focal point of the presidential campaign moving forward.

University of Missouri professor Mitchell McKinney, a communications expert at the College of Arts and Science, said while Biden’s strong suit is the issue of foreign policy, he does not expect the Obama campaign to focus on the issue moving forward because of the flub in Libya.