Big bird flock passes over Missouri

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Missouri News Horizon

--It was the dead of night…but the skies over middle and western Missouri were alive with at least hundreds of thousands large, noisy birds. The annual southern migration of Canada’s snow goose flock crossed over Missouri between dusk and dawn Sunday night and Monday morning.

The Department of Conservation’s Jim Low says that’s the way the birds usually travel.

“When they get the first real good strong cold front up north, those birds just pick up en masse and head south.”

Low says the flock passed over western Missouri and eastern Kansas one week later last year. He says the flock that went over us this year could have numbered more than a million. He says the birds will settle in for the winter where the weather is warm and the food is plentiful.

“It sounds like it was millions of geese, and it’s not impossible that it could be over a million geese. But it certainly is a spectacular occurrence and something that gets everybody’s attention.”

Low says the birds are so plentiful in Canada that they are destroying their nesting grounds along Hudson’s Bay. He says hunters in Missouri are welcome to harvest them during the current goose hunting season.