Board of Aldermen approve sales tax proposal for April ballot

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New Haven’s Elected Officials voted unanimously at last night’s City Council meeting to place a city ordinance on April’s ballot that would impose a sales tax of one-quarter of one percent for funding of local parks.  The proposed ordinance also includes a five-cent decrease in the property tax levy for taxpayers.

Larry Hanks, Park Board President, said, “With recent declines in assessed valuation, the Park Board has seen tax revenues decline by more than 17 percent since 2008.  The quarter-cent sales tax proposed is fairly small, with only 25 cents of each one hundred dollar purchase going toward parks.”

Aside from the decline in assessed valuation, the state of Missouri passed a law in 2009 that placed a cap on the city park’s tax rate, not to exceed 23 cents.

Hanks said, “We feel the City of New Haven parks have been well-maintained and managed in recent years, but funding for new improvements have virtually dried up with the decline in tax revenues.”

The Park Board’s revenue has fallen nineteen percent since 2008, where $97,742 was collected compared to this past year, $79,282 was collected.

Hanks said, “Based on current projections, a quarter-cent sales tax would generate approximately $48,000 annually and a five-cent decrease in the property tax levy would save city taxes payers approximately $18,000 with a net increase in revenue of $30,000.”

Hanks said the board has discussed many different needs and projects that the additional revenue would allow them to do.  Some examples given would be lighting upgrades at the Lions and Bock fields, new improvements and amenities at the city pool, or new playground equipment at the main city park.

Hanks said, “We hope the people of New Haven will agree with us and will support this proposal at the ballot box next April.”