Boles Fire Department responded for illegal burn - Chief Casey explains DNR regulations

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Villa Ridge, MO – Boles Fire Department responded at approximately 12:30 p.m. to area of Straatmann Furniture and Old Highway 100 for a report of an illegal burn.

When crews arrived, an individual was burning a variety of items that were not in compliance with the Missouri Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR) regulations, which restrict the types of things people are allowed to burn.

Boles Fire Chief Jim Casey said, “In situations when they are burning something that is against DNR regulations, we will extinguish the fire.  If it would have been an oversized bonfire of natural tree products we will let it burn out.  Since he had some furniture, couches and other items not allowed by DNR we will go ahead and extinguish it out at that point.”

The DNR puts out a list of what can be burned between the months of Sept. 15 to April 15.  Casey said, “There is the possibility if a person would consistently violate the DNR regulation that they could be taken to court and possibly fined at that point.  If it is a one-time deal and they are informed of the regulations, rarely do they do it again.”

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