BREAKING NEWS: 1 year old boy found - Police have one in custody

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A one-year-old has been returned to his family Wednesday night after being abducted from their home earlier in the day.

Just before 9:30 p.m., County police reported the one-year-old boy, identified as Carmon Cross, had been returned to the family, and was being taken to an area hospital for a wellness check.

It's not clear what time the abduction occurred, but authorities say it could have been as early as 11 a.m.; though police did not receive information about the kidnapping until the evening. County police began working the case around 7 p.m..

Cross was in the back seat of a blue 2006 Dodge Magnum when it was stolen from the family home in the 2200 block of Wheaton Drive.

Early reports suggest the suspect, 17-year-old female Nautica Jones, is related to the child, though it is unclear in what capacity.

Units are investigating, but the motives of the suspect are not known at this time.

Jones is now in custody.