Breaking News: Election results in after recount – Tie in 4th grade and 6th grade races

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Photos taken by Kasi Meyer
Your New Haven Elmentary Election Headquarters

It was not until late this afternoon due to a recount that the official results of today's election were released.  A mandatory recount had been ordered, due to the tight races between two 4th grade candidates and 6th grade candidates.  A member of the election committee said it was a very tight race.

Charwomen Kasi Meyer of the election committee said, “What a close race. We had ties in 6th grade and 4th grade.”

Pictured to right:  Student submits her ballot.

During this past week students learned about how the voting process works and that every vote really does count.  Teachers also reinforced the importance of voting and how other countries in the world do not have this type of freedom.  The other important topic discussed with students was about the privacy of their vote and are never required to tell reveal whom they voted for.

Here are the candidates who have been elected to represent their class:

6th grade:
Jonah Chisamore
Abbey Grater
Elizabeth Hughes
Austin Moeckli
Mackenzie Bauer
Emma Engelbrecht
Lauren Gerlemann
Hannah White

5th grade:
Christian Paterson
Claire Laune
Makenzie Munsinger
Cole Weiser

4th grade:
Johnna Bloch
Hannah Boehmer
Josh Pilarski
Keagan Huff
Sophia Chisamore

3rd grade:
August Panhorst
Maya Wideman
Jacob Engelbrecht
Madison Langenberg 

Pictured to the right students sign in before placing their vote.