BREAKING NEWS: Stroller Tracker -- Jeff Perez stopped runner at 11 a.m. in Huntington Beach, Ca

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Family, friends, and stroller celebrate with Jeff Perez after accomplishing his goal.

Huntington Beach, Ca. -- Determination, willpower, strength, endurance; these are a few words of what it took for Jeff Perez, aka guy pushing stroller, to end his journey this morning at 11 a.m. west coast time.  Family and friends anxiously awaited his arrival at Huntington Beach, Ca, for the moment Perez came into sight as he sprinted with stroller in hand, accomplishing a goal that began three months ago.

We just spoke with Perez moments ago, he said, “The first thing I did was sprint to the ocean and jump in, it was freezing cold, but it felt so good….I feel accomplished…this feels awesome.”

We asked him how it felt to accomplish such an amazing thing.  Perez said, “I am filled with emotions…it really has not set in because I coached the journey day by day…step by step… I never really looked at the bigger picture.  It has started to hit me that tomorrow, the whole day by day thing is over.”

Perez traveled over 3,200 miles in 92 days, which is an average of almost 35 miles per day.  He said that a “Huge…huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Perez pushed his stroller, the same one he bought in St. Louis, all the way to Ca.  We asked him if that might be a Guinness World Record for pushing a stroller so far, he laughed and said, “I actually never thought about that.”
We will let you know if pushing a stroller a certain distance is a Guinness World Record.

Much more to come about in the upcoming weeks as we will get an interview with Perez after he gets back home.